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How Can I Get Internet Leads to Respond?

The Internet is a major part of selling cars for a living today and working leads is often where the process begins. We all love Fresh Ups that bypass the Internet and head straight for the showroom, but car buyers that walk on your car lot without spending time on the Internet beforehand is becoming […]

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The Car Sales Hand Off Or A Car Buyers Red Flag

The car sales hand off can used to describe a number of different situations you may encounter in the car sales process. The T.O. or take over a customer hand-off, the car salesman to the sales manager hand-off, the salesperson filling in for a salesman that is off or on vacation or the BDC rep […]

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A Car Salesman Attitude

Get Rid of the Attitude and Start Selling More Cars

I have met and talked to a lot of salespeople over the years and one of the things that bother me the most is the attitude that some car salesmen have about the car business. They have problems with management, problems with pay plans, beefs about other salespeople and just about anything else you can […]

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Stop Selling the Car and Sell the Appointment

One of the major roadblocks that I have found to getting customers on the showroom floor via the Internet and the phone is selling the car instead of the appointment. Whether you work on the floor as a car salesman, in the BDC or in the Internet Sales Department this pertains to you. We all […]

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