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Up Your Car Salesman Gross With Leasing

10 Reasons They Should Lease and Up Your Gross

I haven’t spent much time talking about leases, but they can be a great source of gross profit and ultimately new-car sales commissions. Leasing new cars is one area that many sales people pay little attention. I don’t know if it is because they’re unfamiliar with leasing or their customers just don’t believe in leasing, […]

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Auto Sales Income and Comfort Level

Your Comfort Level and Auto Sales Income

Most everyone has a comfort level when it comes to their income and that is one reason that many people are afraid of the car sales profession regardless if they are a salesman, Internet Sales Manager, F&I Manager or Sales Manager. However even those of us that have adjusted and accepted the practice of working […]

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Sell Me A Car Mr. Salesman

Over the years one thing that I have learned to do is stop judging or pre-qualifying potential car buyers. When customers come into your dealership they are really saying; Sell me a car, Mr. Salesman. Unless they are coming in for parts or service, they are interested in a car. They may not have consciously […]

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