I have met and talked to a lot of salespeople over the years and one of the things that bother me the most is the attitude that some car salesmen have about the car business. They have problems with management, problems with pay plans, beefs about other salespeople and just about anything else you can think of when you talk about selling cars. After getting to know some of these people one of the things that I found is that a negative attitude is often the reason for their complaints and lack of sales.

A Car Salesman AttitudeDon't get me wrong I'm not saying that a positive attitude is the answer to all of your problems, but it does change the way you do your job, approach your customers and deal with sales managers and customers. I know, nobody wants to hear another speech about a positive attitude, but it truly makes a difference when it comes to selling cars. The way the car salesman approaches the customer the way in which they speak to their potential buyers and how they make them feel when they're working with them all comes into play. It all matters because what you're thinking and how you feel comes through to the customer and everybody else

I can’t explain it, but people can sense your attitude whether it's positive or negative. Enthusiasm sells cars, we all know that and it's hard to be enthusiastic when you got a negative attitude. Your attitude has a huge impact on your sales and your commissions. You may need to have a sit-down with yourself and think about your attitude. Your sales skills will only take you so far when you have a negative attitude, but a positive attitude can provide you with opportunities that you will never see when you spend all your time bitching, moaning and complaining.

A Negative Car Salesman Attitude

A negative attitude is not something that you acquire when you start working as a car salesman or at a particular dealership. It is something that you brought with you, something that you have had for all of your adult life. It usually starts with the way you were raised and how you think. I know this from experience, I was raised in a household where all of the focus was on the negative and very little on the positive. It was not about what was accomplished, but what wasn't accomplished. This type of negative upbringing will only take you so far and if you want to succeed in any field you need to change the way you think. It's easy to say, but very hard to do and it took me years to overcome that way of thinking. You might compare it to quitting smoking, you can quit, but there is always the desire to pick up a cigarette and take a puff.

Acquiring a positive attitude takes a lot of work in the beginning, but it will payoff big-time in the long run. Deciding to become a positive person is much more than changing or acquiring a habit. You won’t do it overnight and you won't do it in 30, 60 or 90 days either. It will take years to become a person with a positive attitude. It took you years to become a negative person and it will take you years to become a positive person. But most importantly the choice is yours and only you have the power to change the way you think and how you see the world around you.

5 Tips for a Winning Car Salesman Attitude

  1. You can’t control the world around you, but you can control how you will react and think about your experiences. Examine your thoughts about your experiences and make a conscious effort to look for solutions rather than focus on the problem. You are the only one that can change the way you can think and react. A successful car salesman sees opportunity where negative people see only problems.
  2. Stop hanging out with the negative car salesmen and car saleswomen in your dealership. Don’t spend your time with the bitchers, moaners and complainers because negative is contagious. Negative people like to talk trash and gossip, none of which is of any value to your car sales career and sales commissions.
  3. Monitor and change the way you talk, both to yourself and others. Stop using words like, I can’t, that’s impossible, not a chance in hell and start using, I can, I will and, I feel great. Start thinking and talking in a positive way and make it part of your personality. Nobody looks forward to seeing and talking to negative people and especially if you sell cars for a living. But people that speak and act enthusiastic are always welcome. This is critical when it comes to prospecting for car buyers and asking for referrals from past customers.
  4. Limit your consumption of news and currents events. I am not saying that you should stick your head in the sand, but limit your intake of this type of information daily. Most news programs are focused on everything wrong in the world rather than solutions or all the great things that all around us.
  5.  Increase your consumption of positive information. Read or listen to something motivational. Look for ways to better yourself, your car salesman skills and your career. Self-improvement is always positive and it will help you sell more cars, make more money and unlock opportunities that negative people will not have available to them.

Benefits of a Positive Car Salesman Attitude

The benefits of being a car salesman with a positive attitude are many. Just think about it for a minute, who would want to give a house deal to a salesperson with a negative attitude? Who would consider a salesman with a bad attitude for promotion? Let's turn the tables for a minute, would you hire, would you promote, would you want a car salesman with a poor attitude to sell and deliver a car to a family member or friend that was going to buy a car? A car salesman with a negative attitude is never the first choice when it comes to handing out favors, perks, incentives and house deals. This fact alone should be enough to make you think about your attitude and decide if it's time to have a sit-down with yourself and change your ways.

Car Sales and AttitudeThere is a saying in the car business: “When you are selling cars on commission and you're not in front of a customer you are unemployed.” Think about that next time you have a fresh up and how you would interact with a prospective employer in an interview because that customer is interviewing you to see if they want you to sell them a car. Would they want to hire a car salesman with a negative attitude or would they rather hire someone with a positive attitude? Of course they want someone with a positive attitude and someone that is enthusiastic about helping them buy a car. They want someone that is happy to be in front of them, someone that is positive about the dealership, themselves and the product they are selling.

If you have a problem with management, sales manager, your pay plan or anything else that creates a negative attitude do something about it. Talk to somebody that has the power to change it, change the way you think about it or move on. When you signed up to sell cars you agreed to do a job. If your attitude is getting in the way of you selling cars and making money and you can't resolve the issue find another dealership or change professions. Being a car salesman or saleswoman is a great profession, but if you have a negative attitude and you're not willing to change it maybe the car business is not for you.  You can earn a lot of money selling cars for a living, but a negative attitude will keep you from reaching the top.

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