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Car Salesman Tips Book

Want to sell more cars and make bigger car sales commissions?

There is a ton of money to be made in this lucrative field and these Car Salesman Tips from top automobile salespeople can help you get the edge you need to become a heavy hitter in the car sales business. Most major players and six-figure car salesman earners rarely share their secrets because this is such a competitive field, but right here in one book you will find 100 car sales tips that range from basic to advanced car salesman tips to help you sell more cars and earn more car sales commissions.

Whether you have been a car salesman or car saleswoman for years or you are just getting your feet wet there is always more to learn. Car sales training should be on going and up to date to be effective. The only way to ensure that you will be on top of your game and make the kind of money that lures everyone into this lucrative field requires some do-it-yourself car sales training.

In other words you need to take it upon yourself to be responsible for making the big bucks that are here to be made. You can determine how much you earn every year rather than someone else. You decide if you are going to be a six-figure car salesman or car saleswoman or if you are going to do things the way you have been doing them and getting less than big money making results. These car salesman tips are for car sales training that you control and master on your own.

This book is loaded with real-life automobile sales tips that top car salespeople use everyday to sell more cars and make bigger car sales commissions. This book is put together in an easy to read and understand format that covers each car salesman tip in depth ranging from one paragraph to several pages of text explaining the why, what and when of each car sales tip which is so important when selling cars professionally. It’s time to do your own car sales training and increase your sales.

Car Salesman Tips So You Can Sell More Vehicles and Make More Commissions!

Table of Contents

Introduction and Why This Book

Chapter One – 11

The Basics – Basic Car Sales Tips for Green Peas and Veterans Alike

Even the veterans often forget about these basic facts and car sales tips #1 through #22 for selling more cars.

Chapter Two – 33

Meet and Greet – OK, You’re Up

These car sales tips from #23 through #31 are about connecting and making a good impression and digging for information. Start mining for the gold from the beginning.

Chapter Three – 43

Selection and Getting To Yes

Land them on the right vehicle while gaining information you can use to close them later. Salesman tips from #32 through #42 for getting to the real wants and needs of the buyer.

Chapter Four – 55

Test Drive – Feel of the Wheel Seals the Deal

We all know that the Test Drive is a very important aspect of the car sales process, but violate some of these car sales tips #43 through #47 and you might create a be back.

Chapter Five – 59

Negotiations – Time To Wrap It Up

These car salesman tips #48 through #58 can make everyone’s life easier and even smooth. It doesn’t need to be difficult.

Chapter Six – 71

Closing the Sale – Consider it Sold

If you do everything else right it’s time to close the sale. These car salesman tips #59 to #67 are all about putting the deal to bed.

Chapter Seven – 81

Success and Delivery

These car sales tips #68 to #72 will help you make your customer a fan that works for you.

Chapter Eight – 88

No Sale – Now What?

Nobody closes them all, now what are you going to do? These car salesman tips #73 to #77 are about making the best of those customers and the time you have spent with them.

Chapter Nine – 96

Telephone – A Valuable Car Salesman Tool

These car sales tips #78 to #83 consist of tips for using the telephone for making more sales every month.

Chapter Ten – 104

Email – Email Sells and Makes Your Job Easier

These car sales tips #84 to #87 are a few ways to use email to your benefit and make your life easier.

Chapter Eleven – 108

A Car Sales Career

Making the most of your car sales career. These car sales tips #88 to #100 are for you, the car sales professional that wants to sell more cars and carve out a prosperous career out of selling automobiles.

Chapter Twelve – 122

Bonus Tip, Resources and Information

Bonus-No Limits – Potential and Limited Thinking


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Car Sales Tips – You Can Sell More Cars and Make Bigger Car Sales Commissions

Car Salesman Tips Book

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