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I have set this page aside to post anything that you may think would be of value for Auto Sales Professionals. Feel free to send in anything you would that pertains to Selling Cars for a Living, Car Salesman Tips, or Car salesman Income. You can add anything to the comment form below or you can email to KB @


Dw · February 1 at 5:06 pm


have you ever thought about having a section on your site where we could post our pay plans I think it would be a great tool, so sales reps would know what's out there? Let me know what you what you think.
If you like the idea I will post mine with the manufactor spins as well.

Hyundai Atlanta

KB · October 9 at 6:28 pm

Hi David,

There is plenty of room for advancement at most dealerships.
The key to making manager is being a top car salesman consistently.
Consistency is the key. When you numbers are on the top month after month and you want to advance you usually will.

Thanks for writing, keep us informed.


KB · October 9 at 6:23 pm

Hi Frank,
The new location sounds great and will probably bring you a considerable amount of floor traffic.

Hang in there and keep thinking about all the ,money you will be earning down the road.

Sometimes it takes a little while before you will get leads handed out until you get the hang of the car business.

KB · October 9 at 6:20 pm

Hi Sami,

I sent it out to you.


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