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I have set this page aside to post anything that you may think would be of value for Auto Sales Professionals. Feel free to send in anything you would that pertains to Selling Cars for a Living, Car Salesman Tips, or Car salesman Income. You can add anything to the comment form below or you can email to KB @


KB · August 6 at 6:22 pm

Hi Sam,

Wow that was a mouthful.

I hate to say it, but maybe a different dealership is the answer?


KB · August 6 at 6:12 pm

Hi Dave,

Your history should speak for itself and the interview shouldn't be a big deal at all if you apply to a good dealership. Don't put too much into the interview. Its more about learning what kind of person you are rather how much selling experience you have had. If you don't the job at one dealership apply to another. You would be surprised how things will turn out even if you apply to multiple dealers.

Good Luck

sam · July 14 at 10:31 pm

Hey KB I am very new to the car industry and I am 23, have a partner and a 5 month old baby girl they are the main reason I am here. I have never had any past experience before, have been here for 4 weeks now on my second week here I sold my first car I was stoked on my third week. I sold 2 in one day and I felt like I was on fire and unstoppable like I knew what had to be said and done before it was even time. I am a very confident happy go lucky guy extremely easy going and great for a laugh my best quality I would say is making people feel comfortable from the very first encounter my product knowledge is great and growing every passing day now. I have sold 5 vehicles in total since beginning, not the best I know, but the process has started to become second nature though there is a major problem hindering my efforts now business is slow and from what iv picked up the boss is way under his quota and has instructed me and another newbie here that we are now unable to sell ourselves we must meet and greet only and then pass out potential buyers onto the other salesmen. We are new here and there are only two other salesmen with experience I asked why is that. His response was business is slow and we would rather the other salespeople sell then let the newbies try and fail cause it costs us money for use to learn so he said if I asked the big boss who would he rather sell this customer a car or Brandon (being the more experienced salesman). What do you think he would say... this was heartbreaking after being able to sell and doing real well at it to then have it all taken away has left me very confused and truthfully unmotivated not to mention all five customers I dealt with that bought new cars from us have told me and other peers they'll be back in the future to see me again and not only that some even went ahead and told our business manager,sales manager ect. I did a fabulous job and took take care them and if I am here in a couple more years they will be back again to see me. This coming from a customer to the higher authority surely would have impacted greatly on my behalf and shown that I am doing well here proving myself to them if nothing else so how is it I am just a meeter and greeter now for the next 3-12 months he said. All I can put it down to is the other salespeople are complaining and preventing me from selling by saying to our manager that they could of done better, but what i want to know is is this fair should i stay and drip feed these other salesmen my potential commission for the next 3-12months while my family go without since they are the only reason im here and without commission I only earn $600 after tax for 6 days a week 9hours a day and the only training I am getting is in my office reading every bit of info you are posting as it has been very helpfull in alot of aspects. I just get the feeling like I am left to figure it all out on my own.

KB · May 29 at 11:19 am

Hi Mark,

I think it is a good idea, but it will involve some time which doesn't come easy today.
You can find several free solutions for building a website of your own or you might want to try doing a Facebook page, not a personal page, but a business style Facebook page. I have talked to several salespeople that have picked up deals through their own websites and pages.


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