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I have set this page aside to post anything that you may think would be of value for Auto Sales Professionals. Feel free to send in anything you would that pertains to Selling Cars for a Living, Car Salesman Tips, or Car salesman Income. You can add anything to the comment form below or you can email to KB @


John Riddell · February 17 at 9:17 pm

I am doing a school project about being a car salesman and it is required that I have the name of the person who wrote the articles. It says KB at the bottom of the page but that is not enough to go on. Do you mind telling me your first and last name please.


David · December 31 at 9:35 pm

Hello my name is David and I just started selling cars for the first time.
I am selling at a buy here pay here lot and there are three salesman including me.
My questions are how to develop a competitive attitude? We do not have a up system the top seller is selling 20+ cars a month by being very cut throat.
My second question is how do you get more of a down payment?
Thank you for sharing your tips and experience it has been very helpful!

KB · November 18 at 5:44 am

Sorry, not at this time, but you can print out the e-book version.

paul · November 17 at 8:42 pm

Is it possible to get your books in print? Please reply by e-mail.

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