A successful car salesman thinks differently than the average car saleswoman or car salesman. They have learned a few things either by selling cars for years or some other life experiences they have had in their past. They are calm, cool and confident of their ability to sell cars. They know that they can sell cars month in and month out because they are a professional car salesman and they believe that they can.

Sounds a little hokey, right?

Confidence of the Successful Car Salesman

Well, sometimes a car salesman's success comes partially from their confidence. They work with their car buyers with a sense of authority that make their customers feel that they are working with a true car sales professional. The car buyer feels that they are dealing with the best person to guide them through the car buying process because they look, talk and act like they know what they are doing. The most successful salesman makes the customer feel more comfortable which makes it much easier for them to control the car sales process and overcome the buyers objections.

Be the Most Successful Car Salesman

Many car sales training systems instruct the car salesman to tell their customer that they are new and rely on the sympathy of their customer to test drive a car or follow them through the car buying process. I have seen this work at times, but I am not a big fan of this technique unless you really are a "Newbie". I have rarely seen a successful car salesman use this technique and only with extreme customers. You are better off using good car salesman techniques and treating the customer like they are one your best customers.

The Successful Car Salesman and the Car Buyer

Think about this way: You are a car buyer and you are about to spend $20,000 for a new car and you are being helped by a car salesman that is new and not very knowledgeable. You might be very knowledgeable, but you told your customer that you are new and all they can think is that they are working with someone that doesn't know what they're doing. Your customer's confidence in your abilities and knowledge is nonexistent. They have little or no faith in everything you do or say. How much car salesman success will you experience when your customer believes they are working with a "know nothing" car salesman?

The Success of a Car Salesman and Car Buyer Customer Confidence

I don't know about you, but when I am going to make a major purchase I want to feel that I am being guided and helped by the most successful salesman at the dealership. I am spending a lot of money and I want to feel comfortable about spending it with a knowledgeable professional. The car buyer is no different, they want to feel comfortable and confident that they are helped by the most successful car salesman at the dealership. Make your car buyer feel like you are the absolute best choice to help them through the car buying process. They want a great car salesman. Tell them that you understand that the process of buying a car can be overwhelming and that you will be happy to help them make the right choices for them. Then let them know that you are a successful car salesperson by telling them that you have many repeat customers and that you hope that they will be one too! Thinking about how to be a good car salesman is not enough. You must start thinking and being a successful car salesman or car saleswoman and you will start seeing more car salesman commission and be closer to that Six Figure Income because you can be a better car salesman with the car sales manual.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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KB · October 30 at 7:22 pm

Hi Tom,

Go through the car salesman tips and observe your competition. I have said many times that you must stick it out, Three weeks is when people start wondering if selling cars for a living is right for them. You need to watch learn and stick it out for at least 3 months. It gets easier. It really does.

tom sorvik · October 24 at 7:40 pm

I have been in the car sales field for about 3 weeks now but am very frustrated by trying to compete with all the veteran sales people. I have no professional training and work in a large dealership with plenty of cars and trucks. Any best advice here??

KB · August 11 at 5:53 am

Hi Tom,
Sorry to hear about being in a slump, but we have all been there and we will be there again.
The only thing you can do is plow through it and get back to the basics. Starting with the meet and greet and through every step.
The bright side is that you become a better car salesman when work through a slump. Yes, it's true. It's like a test to get to the next level of being a professional car salesman.

A slump has a way of making us better. We don't always realize this fact at the time, but you will become a better sales person from the experience.

Tom · August 9 at 7:22 pm

I'm in a SLUMP help!

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