If you are going to be a successful car salesman the art of switching cars is something you need to master. It’s said that over 80% of people that buy a car buy something different than they planned on buying. It might be color, trim level, used rather than new or a completely different model. Therefore if you are going to sell more cars you need to be able to switch cars and put your customer behind the wheel of something they love or at least something they are willing to settle for in order to make a deal.

Switch Cars to Sell a CarWhen you have a car buyer in front of you it’s Go Time. If the vehicle they came to see and test drive is not all that they hoped for you need to get them to switch cars. Ideally you want them to switch cars on their own, but if they don’t you need to help them and make it seem like it was their idea. Since the Internet plays such a big part of the car buying process today many people have made a decision on the make and model before they ever hit the lot. They usually know what color they want, trim level and accessories they want not to mention a price they may have been quoted from your Internet Department or a competing dealer’s Internet Department. Lucky for us they can’t test drive the vehicle until they visit the dealership. The time you spend test driving with your potential car buyer is critical to your success.

Switching Cars and Car Salesman Success

Starting with the initial walk-around and then the test drive you need to be able pay close attention to your customer. Notice their reactions, body language and listen closely to any comments or questions they ask. Are they excited, are they happy, are they comfortable when they sit behind the wheel? All of these can tip you off to whether you have the right car or if they were expecting something more. Maybe it’s time to start mentioning other models (the switch car) that would better fit their needs and wants. I am not saying that you need to take an economy car buyer and switch to an SUV because they would like more room. I am saying that cars are not one size fits all. Remember, if you switch cars the Internet Price they have no longer applies.

The last thing you want your customer to do is ask for your business card and tell that they will Be-Back because they won’t. If the car that they came to see and test drive is not everything they expected and more (or sold minutes earlier) they may decide to go home and regroup unless you can successfully switch cars. You have a car buyer in your hands and you must be able to switch them to something else to buy. The newest data tells us that buyers only visit 1.2 car dealerships before they make a purchase today so chances are you have a buyer, a buyer that you need to switch in order to make a deal.

Rather than throw up your hands in disgust because you need to show them another car and take another test drive (like I have seen so many salespeople do). Tell them that you understand and that “buying a car is a major purchase and you want them to be happy with their purchase”. If you know your inventory and your product switching cars can be second nature to you.

Switching Cars Makes a Difference

The ability to switch cars smoothly and easily can be the ticket to making a deal rather than adding another name to your list of Be-Backs to call. Let’s not forget how it important it is to be able to switch cars when your customer’s budget becomes an issue.   You may be surprised how many people are willing to purchase a manufacturer “Certified Pre-Owned” when you sell them on the benefits of Certified. When it’s all about the payment and you have stretched the payment terms out as far as you can a “Slightly Used Car” might be the answer. Besides used car grosses are often higher than new car grosses which means more money in your pocket.

When a customer pulls on your lot and asks to see a car that you know was sold an hour before are you going to tell it was sold (and risk the chance of them leaving immediately) or are you going to walk the lot with them so they spot a car that interests them that you can use as a switch car?  This can be the difference between a top car salesman and an average car salesperson. This is the place, now’s the time and you are the right Car Sales Professional for the job, so sell them a car!

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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