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How often do you run into a car sales woman? Not too often it's sad to say.

The field of selling cars for a living has been dominated by men since the beginning of car sales and it's time for a change. I know many women in the business and they make great car saleswomen, F & I Managers, Sales Managers and yes, even General Managers. Maybe it's the stigma that goes along with being a car salesman the holds back some women from entering a career in car sales or maybe it's common misconception that men make better car sales people. Whatever it is it's time to cast aside those old beliefs from the past and get some women selling cars and other automobile sales careers.

You Should Be a Car Sales Woman

It is said that women are responsible for making many more car buying decisions than men, so wouldn't it make sense to have more women selling cars. I have run into female car buyers before that only want to work with a car sales woman because they feel more comfortable talking to and dealing with another woman. Think about that for a second, if a woman has the courage to say she only wants to work with a woman car sales person there must be many more that would never say it, but would also like to be taken care of by a car saleswoman.

Why a Car Saleswoman - Women Selling Cars

To be a professional car salesman or car saleswoman and make a six figure income there are many skills and talents that are needed. One of these talents is to get your car buyer to open up to you and talk. You need to find their reasons and true motivation for buying a car and you won't be able to do that if you can't get them to open up to you. You also need to make your customer feel comfortable making a big purchase and we all know that if they don't feel comfortable they won't pull the trigger. A good car saleswoman may even have advantage in this area because the car buying public does not see the woman car sales person as a threat as much as they do men. They are more prone to talk and open up to a women selling cars than they are to a car salesman. Once you can get them to open up and start talking they will tell you how to sell them a car.

Don't get me wrong here a good car salesman can get close to a customer, but a good car sales woman may have a slight advantage. We all know that being a successful car salesman or car saleswoman is not for everyone and it takes much more than being male or female. However, I believe that skill and experience levels being equal women selling cars may have a slight advantage when it comes to selling automobiles and prospecting. Don't get mad at me guys, I am just calling it like it see it.

Professional women car salesmanI always use the term car salesman throughout this blog and if you read the book about selling cars, but I want you ladies to know that even though this is not considered a car saleswoman blog you should think of it as one. Women can have a great career in sales as a car sales woman if you are willing to jump in and start selling some cars. Get the Car Salesman guide for women selling cars to learn car sales techniques and car sales tips so you too can earn a six figure income selling cars too!

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Jeanmarie · March 31 at 7:08 am

I've been in the business for 4 years working for ford ,Toyota and Honda and been very successful as a saleswoman 😉

KB · March 18 at 5:48 pm

Hi Julie,

If you are new to the business I would stick to the brand that get more traffic until you have experience. Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and Nissan are good choices.

Toyota attracts a large percentage of women buyers.

Best of Luck
Stay in Touch

Julie Anne · March 8 at 12:45 pm

Hi, I am looking to enter into the car sales arena. Am recently divorced and the kids are grown and gone. I would love any and all suggestions on getting my foot in the door. As a women I will always go the the women at business, even all my doctors are female. Any suggestions as to the type of dealership that us women are more likely to be successful at? Are high-end foreign sales easier for women or lower-end American made cars? Julie

KB · February 14 at 7:12 pm

Hi Joli,

I am not a fan of dealers that require their salespeople to pay for training, but I know several people that have done that and are making a good living. It is true that the practice is to keep out the undesirables, but there are no guarantees that everyone will pass the class.

Go with your gut feeling.
Remember, two people meet and one gets sold.


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