What do you think is possible as a car salesperson? Is selling 12 cars a month your idea of success or is it 20 cars a month? Is your idea of being a successful car sales professional influenced by your co-workers and your environment? Are you limiting your potential without even realizing that you are? Being a top car salesman starts in your head and it is probably limited by what you believe is possible for you.

None of us got into the car business for the great hours, personal freedom or the retirement benefits, we got into the car business for the money. The potential is practically unlimited, but salespeople all over the world are limiting their potential by what they believe to be true for them. Setting a goal for 20 cars a month or for earning $100,000 a year is great, but if you don’t really believe that you can achieve that goal you are simply fooling yourself. I don’t mean that you don’t believe that your goal is possible, I mean that you must believe with every fiber of your being that the goal is not only possible, but that you will do what it takes to achieve that goal.

You Can Be a Top Car Salesman

I hear from automobile salespeople all over the world that talk about wanting to make a six figure income as a car salesman or to be a top car salesman, but wanting is not enough. You must see it, feel it, think about 24/7 and then make it happen. Get out of your comfort zone and do that little bit extra on every deal, every day, every week and every month to bring that goal to reality.

Be a Top Car Salesman, Get out of your comfort zone.

Most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone regardless of what they may say and when they push themselves to do more they achieve what they truly believed was possible for them and in most cases that is a 10 or 20% increase. That may be admirable, but is that their new comfort zone or are they capable of much more? The answer is that they are capable of more and in order to be a top car salesman you need to believe that there is no limit to your abilities.

Here is great example of the point I am trying to make; most big lottery winners find themselves in the same financial position that they were in before they won only a few years after their windfall. Their beliefs caused them to do things that returned them to their comfort zone. They did not feel comfortable with all that money and their internal beliefs caused them find a way to get back to what made them comfortable. Sad, but true and the same goes for being a top car salesman. What you believe is possible can be achieved, but you must be willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

Top car salespeople all over the country are earning $1000,000, $200,000 and more a year because they truly believe it is possible. Get out of your comfort zone and do what it takes to make it happen. You can be a top car salesman or car saleswoman if you if you really believe you can. Others have done it and you can too!

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