A big part of many car sales transactions include a trade-in. Customers wants to trade-in their current vehicle and apply the equity (or very often the negative equity) to the purchase of their new vehicle. As we have seen over and over again many trade-ins can be all over the board when it comes to the market value of their car. We get the buyers that want to trade a car that they are buried in or we see those customers that want so much money for their old vehicle that there must be a stack of cash in the glove box for it to be worth that kind of money.

Whether they drive onto the lot or they call us on the phone one of the most common questions is “Do you take trade-ins? Well of course we do, but I need to see it and inspect it to give you a fair price.

Take a break and check out some of the photos of possible trade-ins and ask yourself what you would say to them if they asked if you accept trade-ins.

Have you had some people ask you if you are willing to take their old car in trade? Send us a picture…Submit a Photo for the “Do You Take Trades Gallery”.

Do You Take Trades Gallery

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Feel free to send us trade-in pictures to post in this gallery and include a caption of your reaction after you took a look the car they wanted to trade. Use this page to Send in Your Photos.

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