Technically speaking delivering the car is the last step of the car sales steps that the customer goes through at the car dealership and for that reason, it needs to be the smoothest, easiest and most memorable step. The customer is ready to get the heck out of there and enjoy the new vehicle you sold them. It’s your job to give them a first class delivery that will stick in their mind so they give you an excellent CSI survey.

Delivery-Delivering Sold Car

You need to make sure that your customer’s new car is getting fueled and cleaned by the staff while they are in the Business Office and quickly because you want to thoroughly inspect their car before you actually start the delivery process. Walk-around the vehicle and make sure there aren’t scratches or damage on the car. Also, make sure that everything inside and out is clean. Nothing ruins a top-notch delivery like a customer discovering a scratch or a dirty seat.

Examine the vehicle that you are about to deliver as if you were buying the car yourself. If you wouldn’t accept the car your customer won’t either so make sure it’s ready to be delivered. Be sure the gas tank is full and then locate the owners manual because you want to hand it to them personally or at least show them that you are putting it in the glove box along with a couple business cards. Also, adjust the radio so that the radio station that porter was listening to when they fueled or cleaned the car doesn’t start blasting when they start their new car. If you have any idea what radio station they listened to during the test drive go ahead and make it a pre-set station.

First Class Sold Car Delivery

Ok, your customer is done in the business office and they are ready to go, usually as quick as possible, but you still need to spend some time with them before they leave so make sure you move thoroughly and quickly through the process. Have them walk around the car pointing out that everything is clean and undamaged and tell them that you inspected it earlier and then open the trunk and show them where the spare is located if there is one. Then go to the hood and quickly point out hot spots like battery, engine oil dipstick, washer fluid tank and where the air cleaner is located.

Now, lets move into the interior of their new car. You need to make sure they know where all the controls are located and how things operate. Such as headlights, windshield wipers, heat and air conditioning. If they have navigation you better spend some time with them, but not too much. Remember, they want to get out of the dealership ASAP, so only spend as much time as they want to spend on the new vehicle orientation. You need to follow their lead and the delivery move at their pace.

Ask them if they feel comfortable with the vehicle and ask them if they want to go through the entire navigation system. Let them dictate the speed and how long it should take to deliver the car. Like I said earlier make sure you hand them or point out the owner’s manual and your business cards.

Thank them over and over and then talk to them briefly about the survey they will be receiving from the manufacturer. Ask them if there are happy and satisfied with you, the car buying process and the delivery and if there is any reason why they couldn’t give you an excellent score on the survey. Make sure you get an answer from them and if you don’t you need to ask again until you get an answer. If they cant give you an excellent you need to fix it NOW. Do what you have to do, get a manager or whatever it takes, but fix it now.

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Jeff S · August 19 at 7:19 pm

I’ve been selling cars for 3-4 yrs and I used these basics when I started. I realize after taking a year off I’m ready to get back to it. Thank you for the refresher and I need to use every one of these steps and do it with enthusiasm to be more successful than I was before. I appreciate the way you kept it simple but described perfect so I can apply this to my everyday life. Let’s sell some cars!!

Jeff · April 9 at 10:17 am

I am new at car sales, never done this before in my life. I have so many questions and want to be successful at my new career choice. I found your training tips to be very helpful. I have been in car sales for a little over a month now and find myself struggling to make that first sale and get 100% of the sale without splitting the commission. I was put to the test by 4 of my peers on the walkaround and was completely flustered and tanked bringing my confidence level down far enough where I was questioning my abilities to be a great salesman. Please help if you can. I need the confidence back. I have a very strong desire to be a great salesman.

Joe Baker · February 20 at 9:43 am

Thanks for a great read. I’m new to car sales and having this is great reinforcement to the dealership training. When starting a new career in car sales, I found that you are in information overload mode for the first couple of weeks. Then things start coming together and you start understanding the process. You covered the sales process quite well and I will re-read it from time to time.

I do have one comment however. You should proofread your text. While it was easy enough to understand, there were several typos/glitches that should be cleaned up. I was in communications before car sales and good clean copy speaks to your attention to detail and desire to be precise.

Thanks again for wonderful information.

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