Car Sales Career – Much More Than a Sales Job

Embarking on a car sales career is much more than simply landing a job selling automobiles. It’s about committing to becoming a sales professional. One that can lead to a life filled with success and financial rewards. That would make other career choices pale in comparison. However, not everyone is willing or able to put forth the effort required to become a car sales professional.

How about a car salesman career?

At first, you might think I am making a big deal out of car sales as a career.  Nonetheless, the car sales career path is filled with opportunities. These opportunities can go far beyond working the sales floor and delivering new and used cars. There is always room for professional advancement, but it’s not for everyone. Anyone who has treated the profession as a job rather than a career will attest. Because so many people ask me how to become a car salesman. I will try to provide you with enough career information and links in this article to help you learn how to be a good car salesman.  Then, you decide if this career option would suit you well.

Car Sales Career – Salary and Income

One of the first things people question about a car salesman’s career is the car salesman’s salary. Everyone always asks what is the average income of the automobile salesperson as a gauge of whether they want to pursue a job and, eventually, a career. The average is tough to state because of the business’s turnover and nature. But I will tell you that you can expect anywhere from $40,000 year to $250,000 a year. Many variables include commission, bonuses, dealership, and skill level. $250,000 a year is somewhat occasional, but a six-figure car salesman income is not uncommon.

Car dealerships compensate their salespeople in various ways. They may or may not include commission, weekly salary, x dollars per sold car, bonuses, spiffs, or a combination of the abov However, the most common method for a car salesman to earn their keep is straight commission. The thought of being paid on a commission keeps many people from pursuing a career as a car salesman.

To get right to the point of explaining, the commission is “No sales = No pay.”. Is that enough to scare you away from a car sales job? You are not alone, but this style of compensation is also responsible for a potentially substantial car sales salary. This is one of the main reasons to pursue car sales as a career.

Car Sales Career and Job Description

Practically every well-managed car dealership will provide the new car salespeople with a car salesman job description that will describe their duties and responsibilities. The individual tasks and obligations are spelled out for everyone, and they include a variety of routines. However, the first and foremost is the selling of automobiles.

The car salesman will greet customers and help them select the appropriate vehicle to satisfy their wants and needs that fit their budget. They will take customers for test drives and demonstrate the features and benefits of prospective vehicles. From there, the car salesman negotiates prices and terms until an agreement is made. They tell the sales manager they cannot close the sale if no deal is made. The salesperson is also responsible for overcoming objections, filling out paperwork, and following up with both sold customers. In addition to those who left the dealership without buying a car. They may be responsible for delivering the car and orienting the buyer on the care and operation of their new vehicle.

Car salespeople will also be expected to attend car salesperson training classes and manufacturer-hosted training events. This training (when available) will provide car salesman tips and techniques to further their sales career and increase their sales results. They will help move inventory around the dealership and follow the directives of the sales manager. Car salespeople will be responsible for servicing their customers and prospecting for new potential customers, along with asking for referral business from their customers to supplement the dealership’s floor traffic.Thinking About a Car Salesman Career?

Car Salesman Jobs and Success

The world has millions of available car sales jobs for those who want to pursue a car salesman career. But not everyone can cut the mustard. However, every automobile dealership is different, and each is a small business that operates differently than the next. In addition, they all have other preferences regarding hiring salesmen and saleswomen.

For example, some dealerships prefer hiring people new to the car business, and some only employ experienced salespeople. Therefore if you are looking for a car sales job, select several dealerships to apply to and submit your resume.

Once you have achieved certain levels of success and confidence, you can go practically anywhere and land a car salesperson job because most car dealers will hire salespeople with a proven track record. At that point, you can rest assured that you have a car salesperson career, not just a sales job. Being consistent and confident, along with your car salesman skills, can lead to numerous opportunities. Some may include advancement and income potential that rival professions that some people regard as prestigious careers that require an advanced college degree.

Automotive Careers and the Car Sales Career Path

When people start their car salesman careers, they rarely consider the opportunities naturally inherent to the profession. The car salesman career path can be very fruitful and diverse. Many critics talk about the high turnover rate in the trade but rarely see the big picture. One of the reasons that turnover is higher than average for the car salesman is the pursuit of the car salesman career path. Because of the small business structure, car dealership salespeople will often move around until they find a car dealership that suits them best.

Once a car salesperson is consistent in their monthly sales numbers and acquires the knowledge and skills to be a top car salesman regularly, they are prime for advancement within the dealership. A car sales career has many avenues available for the right person, including sales management, used car management, and finance. There are many more that are available outside the dealership as well.

Many auto industry suppliers will hire successful car salespeople to work for their company to sell their products and services to dealerships. Some can be very lucrative, and others can be similar to selling cars in a different environment.

A car sales career is not for everyone, but a car salesman’s job is excellent. The career path has many options for the person willing to commit. From money to advancement and the ability to control your income are some of the best things about selling cars for a living. You will also have many new friends because everybody wants car-buying tips from a car salesperson.



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