Check out the Green Pea car salesperson quiz. This car sales quiz is just for fun and anyone that has been selling more than a month or so should easily know all the answers. However if you have been on the sales floor more than a few weeks to a month you should be able achieve a top score. 

If you going to be starting at a dealership or just started at the dealership yesterday I wouldn't expect you to know the answers. Don't worry they will come in time. In fact you will be learning many things about selling cars in the next few months. If you take the Green Pea car salesperson quiz and end up with a terrible score, go back and try again. You should know all of these answers without even thinking about it in a month or two.

If you an seasoned car sales professional you might want to check out the Green Pea sales quiz just for fun. I sure you will know all the answers with out making any effort. 

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