Your customer just took delivery of the car you sold them or they left without buying a car. This leaves you with two things to do now depending on the result.

After Car Sales Followup and Review

After the Sale – Sold Car:

Hopefully you are waving goodbye to your customer as they drive away in the car you just sold them. You can take a breath and chalk up another sold unit this month, but your not done with them yet. You need to do your car sales follow-up process to ensure they fill out a positive CSI survey, provide you with referrals and hopefully become a repeat car-buying customer down the road.

For the car sales professional this means more than a phone call, thank you card and an email, it means that your car buying customer should be set up in you CRM to ensure you follow up with them until you sell them or another member of their family a car and then it starts all over again. This is how you build a following that will contribute to your car salesman income for years to come.

After the Sale – No Sale:

Sorry, but no car sale this time, so what’s next? What happened, what went wrong and what was the issue? Did they promise that they would Be-Back? Was it price? Was it trade-in value? Was it their credit or monthly payment? Maybe you need to follow up with the customer and your sales manager or used car manager to see if you can still put together a car deal.

You have invested more than an hour of your time so do what you can to try and bring them back and make a car sale. You can brush it off, but they are probably buying a car, but not today, or at least not at your dealership so anything you can do at this point might be the way to make a sale.

After the Sale – Review Sold or Not:

Whether you sold the car or you didn’t sell the car you need to review every one of the car sales steps in your mind. Make it a point to learn something every time you work with a potential car buyer. Figure what you did right and what you did wrong and make it part of your car sales training. This is on the job training and the way you fine-tune your car sales skills.

A successful car salesman is a made man or women. They use the skills they have learned not only selling cars, but dealing with people in general. Remember, people buy from people and the more people than you can connect with, the more people will buy cars from you. Learn from you car-selling experiences and you will continue to improve you sales.

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