When it comes to training to sell cars professionally there's a process and it consists of these car sales steps. These steps for selling cars are the foundation of the training of car salesmen and each and every one of these items are critical to your success. Some people condense them into a 7 steps car sales process and some sales trainers stretch it out to twelve steps for selling a car, but after years of being in the car sales business I feel that this 10 step car sales process covers the procedure quite well.

The Car Sales Steps to Selling CarsWhen you first start out your car sales career you should receive basic training that covers these items in detail, but there are many dealers out there that do a poor job of training their new sales people. Learn to use and understand each of these basic automotive step to the sale steps and then go back then from time to time until they are a part of your very existence. When you have a slump or your sales are slipping do what we all say to do in the car business which is Get Back To The Basics. This car sales process have been developed over the years and fine-tuned as need, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty this is the backbone and the secret to making big money as a car salesman and we all want to make big money.

The Car Sales 10 Steps Make Sales

By preforming these car sales steps consistently, enthusiastically and effectively your time with customers will be more efficient and successful and ultimately make closing the sale much easier. From the meet and greet to the delivery everything needs to be just right, every word, every gesture and every detail. It’s not the price it’s the value and these sales steps will create the value to the customer and make them see that you are the best one to sell them a vehicle today.

If you try to short cut this 10 steps car sales process or move along too fast you will be on the curb looking for you next Up, but if you follow the process correctly you will likely be delivering a car and earning a car sales commission. Just knowing the steps is not enough; each step needs to be performed meticulously and tailored to your specific customer. Of course you will need to use the car sales steps, scripts and word tracks that your dealership uses, but they way you deliver and use those scripts is the difference. Go through these steps haphazardly or in a drab monotone way and your compensation will suffer, but if you do them well you will rewarded. How much a car salesman makes is determined by how well they go through these car sales steps.

The Car Sales Steps are About Selling People

People buy from people otherwise the car business would consist of minimum wage salespeople performing menial tasks and every deal would pay the same amount of profit. That’s not what the car business is about, its about earning what you are worth and making the maximum amount of profit and commission per sale, so you can line your pockets with lots of green. We got into the car business to make money, so let move some metal and make some money by perfecting the car sales steps listed below and by continuing to improve your car selling skills.

10 Car Sales Steps to Selling

  1. Car Sales Meet and Greet
  2. Discovery and Determine Needs
  3. Car Sales Walk-Around
  4. A Car Selling Test Drive
  5. Post Test Drive Discovery
  6. Car Sales Negotiating or Discussion
  7. Closing the Car Sale – Make a Deal
  8. F&I or Business Office – Finance and Paperwork
  9. First Class Car Sales Delivery-Delivering the Sold Car
  10. After the Sale - Sold, No Sale or Review

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