The Inappropriate Car Salesman Video

We all know that the car salesman doesn’t have a stellar reputation, but this guy takes it a little too far. The inappropriate car salesman is an understatement when we talk about how the car salesman talks to a potential car buyer. This is a skit from the Mad TV show that has been off the air for quite a few years. Remember, it’s just for fun and not the way to talk to a potential customer or anyone. You could probably use some car sales tips. This is not an example of the car sales steps we all know so well. I am sure some people have run into salespeople similar to this, but this is really over the line.

The video shown here is probably how some customers see us, but we know better. Check it out, but don’t try this at the dealership, or you will find yourself on the street. I do not intend to offend anyone by posting this video for fun.

You can see it on

Enough said, it’s just for fun. Now, let’s sell some cars and make some money.

Later, fresh up on the lot