Did you know you will sell more cars simply by tying balloons on the cars you want to sell? They must, or why would car dealerships put balloons on the cars on their lot? Who decided that this was an excellent way to sell more cars? Does it have an impact on your sales? It must be like so many other things that happen in the car business, some dealers put balloons on their cars, and other dealers said they need to do the same thing for fear of being left out. Then a dealer got an idea to get a giant balloon of a monster or gorilla holding a sign that says “Monster Sale” or “Monster Deals.” No wonder the word “cheesy” often goes with the car business.

Below is a short video (more of a sound bite) of comedian Brian Regan doing a short bite on balloons and selling cars in his stand-up act. Maybe he did some time as a car salesman in the past.

What are your thoughts about balloons and selling cars?

Do balloons help you sell more cars?

Is there more showroom traffic when there are balloons on the cars?

Is a one balloon on each car sufficient or is one balloon on every other car good enough?

Does your dealership put balloons on their inventory and have you done balloons?

Tell us how you feel about balloons for selling cars!

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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