Did you ever have one of those customers you just wanted to mess with when they asked about a particular used car? The video below is a car salesman from Australia who tells it how it is about the diamond in the rough. This video is several years old, but it’s still funny. Look at how an honest car salesman sells a used car buyer.

I bet we would all like to talk to a customer like that occasionally. However, I am unsure how that fits into the car sales steps you use daily. 

I know there have been many days throughout my career as a car sales professional that I wanted to do the same thing. I just wanted to tell the customer what I knew about the vehicle and leave it at that.  

I have told a customer or two more than I should have about a used car at the dealership. I don’t remember why I did. Whether I was having on days or not, I sold the cars. I don’t know if I was trying to be funny or being an honest car salesman without knowing it.

You can see many videos dealing with the car business on YouTube.

Later, fresh up on the lot