If your dealership operates like many others your customer needs to go into the business office after you closed the sale to complete their paperwork and finalize the car sale. In most car dealerships the customer will wait until the F&I manager prepares their documents and strategizes on how they are going to sell them some more products.

Car Sales Business Office

In order to ensure that your customer has a pleasant and smooth transaction from this point forward you need to prepare them for what’s next. Obviously you want your customer to stay in the zone and by that I mean you don’t want them having any second thoughts that could make the deal go sideways or bust completely. So your next step in the car sales steps is to clearly explain the rest of the process starting with the business office for completing the paperwork and ending with the delivery process.

Business Office Car Sales Step

Tell them that the Business Manager is preparing their paperwork and shortly you will be escorting them to the Business office where the F&I Manager will go over everything that that you and your customer discussed. They will arrange your financing documents if applicable and take care of everything that the customer needs regarding title, licensing and registration.

You don’t want to tell your customer that the time they spend in the business office will consist of the F&I Manager grinding them for warranties, insurance and add-ons. You want your customer to be relaxed and happy that the car buying experience is behind them. You want them to feel good about the car they just bought from you and have them looking forward to driving home with their new car.

Them explain to them that their car is being cleaned, fueled and prepped for them to drive home after they complete their paperwork in the Business Office. Tell them you will go over the car to make sure it’s ready from them when they are done in the business office and that you will be waiting for them when they are done with their paperwork.

Prepping your customer about what happens next is an important car sales step to keep them from second-guessing their commitment to buy a car or to think about your car sales closing techniques. Obviously, you want them in the Business Office as quickly as possible, but that is not always possible so preparing them by telling them what’s next will remove any anxiety they may have.

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