The negotiation car sales step could be included in the closing the car sale step, but closing the sale is an art form on its own and therefore I consider it a separate step. Closing the car sale really begins in the first car sales step and continues throughout the process. You are closing your customer on your self, the dealership and then the car. Somebody that is going to spend 10, 20 or 30 thousand dollars needs to feel like they are doing the right thing and they need to be comfortable about the transaction which includes being comfortable with you and the dealership not to mention the car.

Car Sales Closing and Negotiation Go Hand in Hand

While you do the walk-around and test-drive you are pointing out and demonstrating positive and desirable features of the vehicle. All the while you are asking questions that they will answer with a yes and making statements that they will agree on with which is a way on closing them on the vehicle. When you present numbers you are going to be positive, smiling and enthusiastic. Remember enthusiasm is contagious and closing is being enthusiastic and assuming the sale.

Car Sales Closing Step

While you are presenting numbers and working through objections you are going to be smiling and saying things like:

  • That will surely work for you, right?
  • So with that said I will get the car ready for you to drive it home?
  • If I get that handled you will drive it home today, right?
  • That payment will certainly work for you, correct?

These basic car sales closing lines should give you and idea of the types of questions and statements you need to be using to close the car sale. Every time you work through an objection you should use a closing statement to discover any other objections. Then work through all the objections until they can agree to take the car home now. Remember, we want to sell the car now and not have them promise to come back because we all know about be-backs.

Closing the car sale is definitely part of negotiations, but it is also a very important part to being a successful car salesman. Everyone that sells car for a living can negotiate, but being able to negotiate and close the car sale is the difference that sets the average salesperson apart from the successful salesperson.

Closing the car sale is a subject all its own, but this is definitely a part of the car sales steps that closes the car sale and pays the salesman commission. Which is why we are here in the first place. Now that we have closed the car sale it’s time for your customer to go into the business office to do paperwork.

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