It’s called the car sales meet and greet because that’s exactly what it is; you meet and greet the customer when they come to the dealership. This first of the car sales steps sounds pretty simple right? You would think so, but there are small details that are very important when meeting a prospective car buyer. Remember the saying the “first impressions are the most important”, that goes for practically everything when it comes to meeting people and especially when you sell cars for a living. You can overcome a poor first impression, but it’s not easy.

Car Sales Meet and GreetA good first impression starts with your appearance before a word is exchanged. During the car sales meet and greet if you look like you just rolled out of bed or you just finished a 5-mile run you will be on shaky ground. Are you clothes clean and pressed or do they look like you slept in them. Are your shoes shined and your shirt or blouse tucked in? When’s the last time you bathed and did you use deodorant? Next will be your facial expression, are you smiling and looking like you are very happy to see the customer or are you tired of meeting and greeting customers? A genuine smile goes a long way as compared to a frown, phony smile or chewing on a big wad of bubble gum. All of these things are important when we talk about the car sales meet and greet.

A Good Car Sales Meet and Greet is a Positive Start

Next come the first words out of your mouth. Which should be an enthusiastic “Hello, welcome to ABC Motors”, not a monotone lifeless voice that makes them feel like you are being put out by their very presence. You give them your name and ask them their name by saying, “My name is Karl and you are?” The next lines out of your mouth will probably the script that the dealership uses as part of the car sales Meet and Greet. However, do you have bad breath, do you smell like an ashtray or the garlic you had for lunch? When was the last time you brushed you teeth? Maybe you smell like cologne or perfume counter at Macy's, which can easily be a poor first impression for some customers, some customers might like your overpowering fragrance, but most won’t. A little bit is great, but too much can cost you a sale.

The items I have mentioned in the car sales meet and greet situations above about your appearance, first words and fragrance (fragrances meaning breath, smell and odors) are not fictional, they are things that I have seen, experienced and listened to customers complain about over the years. Once again as I said earlier, you can overcome these obstacles, but it will take a lot more charm than most people possess. These may sound like minor details, but why take the chance. When it comes to selling cars you are unemployed unless you have a customer in front of you so don’t turn them off before you even start the car sales process.

A Great Car Sales Meet and Great is Easy

Selling cars is people business so make a small investment in yourself and your career. Practice smiling in the mirror if you have to, but thinking about the big juicy commission I am going to get from selling them a car always worked for me. Get your shirts laundered and pressed by professional cleaners it’s usually less than $2 a shirt. Buying some breath mints or mouthwash and keep it in your desk. When you look good and feel good you will not only have a better attitude, but you will also make a better first impression when you meet and greet your car buying customers. This will pay for itself in the long run because you will sell more cars and make more money. (Check with your tax preparer because you may be able to deduct the amount you spend having your clothes cleaned and pressed from your taxes.) That’s all there is to a basic car sales meet and greet as far as I am concerned. The simple exchange of names and the initial greeting, the rest is covered in the next car sales step.

The car sales meet and greet is critical for your success as a car sales professional. All of the things I mentioned are easy to correct and don’t require any special skills, but they are important. Now that I got that out of the way lets move on to the next car sales step, which is discovery and determining needs of the potential car buyer.

Next Sales Step #2. Discovery and Determine Needs

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