There are many different varieties of car salesman training being taught today. Some are better than others and some are practically nonexistent. I will try to explain the different types of auto sales disciplines that are needed to become a successful car salesman or saleswoman along with the groundwork that anyone can pursue to have a prosperous automobile sales career.

Basic Car Sales Training

Car Sales TrainingIn some dealerships the car salesman education required to start selling cars is not much more than an orientation or indoctrination of the auto sales training steps or the steps to the sale. Many times this is done by a sales manager and it is often seriously lacking when it comes to building the solid foundation required to become a successful salesperson. The turnover of the sales staff at these dealers is usually high and the success rate along with the profitability of these types of dealers is at best dismal. The pay plan for sales people is often poor and it does little or nothing to motivate the staff. This type of place is not where you want to start your car sales career if you can help it unless you don’t care about succeeding.

However in most new car dealerships today car sales training is taken more seriously. They may have a member of the sales management team do the training, but it consists of two or more full days and it includes word-tracks, scripts, drills and it provides a true car salesman sales education. It usually includes a printed or copied car sales manual or handbook and the basic skills required to get started. Then the Green Pea is let loose on the lot to start selling cars in order for them to get a taste of the territory that is the business of selling cars for a living. They will be monitored and coached by a sales manager or a senior member of the staff until they learn the basics and from there they are usually on their own other than some occasional advice, guidance or a car salesman tip.

Some of the larger and more successful dealers and dealer groups have a car sales training manager on staff and some actually use an outside firm that comes in and trains their Newbies. Both scenarios are usually very good at readying any new additions to their sales staff and often supply and ongoing education to sales staff. This is a good place to begin your car sales profession along with the description on the one above.

Product Knowledge and Automotive Sales Training

Most of the auto makers’ offer some sort of training to a dealership’s sales team, but it usually involves product knowledge. This type of training is valuable and important because product knowledge can make the difference between making and losing a sale. Knowing the benefits of your product over your competitor is priceless when it comes to closing a deal. This type of education is great, but these manufacturer hosted events are usually only done when a new model or restyle is launched. Some dealerships will regularly train and host product knowledge classes in house because they understand that knowledgeable sales people will make more deals. To sell more cars and further your earning ability you would be wise to take the initiative and educate yourself on the product your represent. This website is loaded with free auto sales training articles and posts that you can use to further your training.

Advanced Car Sales Training

Few dealers offer anything more than the type of car salesman training that I have described above. With any profession ongoing education is always an asset and the same goes for selling cars. Even the seasoned veteran can benefit from more and regular training. There are many areas of the car sales profession that you will learn over time such as prospecting, referrals, follow up, using the telephone and closing the sales, but are you willing to wait to learn how to make more commissions and sell more cars? If not then you usually have take it upon yourself to further your auto sales training. You can check out our car salesman training manual on the right for more information.

Optimum Car Salesman Training for Selling Cars

In the car business auto sales training is like pay plans because every dealer handles this responsibility differently. Whatever the type of sales foundation or indoctrination you have received is better than nothing although there are plenty of sales people that have started in this business with relatively no seasoning other than being told to go out on the lot and get a customer. In order to cultivate a true car sales professional the schooling should be ongoing and never stop.

Traing for Car Sales SuccessThe constant seasoning that comes with experience and formal sales training provided by automobile manufacturers and professional trainers is ideal. I was fortunate enough to sit in on Ford salesman training, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler and  GM. These classes often consisted of car salesman training videos and Power Point slides and focused on the product more than the process. In addition to these methods the salesman or saleswoman should also supplement the training they receive on their own by role playing, reading, studying the competition and observing. The time, energy or monies spent on additional training is merely an investment that pays for itself many times over throughout the course of a car sales career. There is big money to be made in the business of car sales and those that are prepared will reap the rewards that the industry has to offer.

One of the reasons for this car sales website is to help the many thousands of sales people out there that are looking to improve their sales skills. The automobile sales training manuals and books offered below are designed to help the ambitious person that doesn’t want to sit still and wait to get more experience and earn more money. I put this collection together based on the questions and request by the many readers that regularly visit this site. Take a look and decide if you want to further your car salesman training and the ability to earn a larger car salesman salary selling cars or wait until it happens on its own.

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