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I have put this website together to gather other Car Sales Professionals, Green Peas, and Newbies to learn, earn, and exchange helpful information about the Car Sales Profession. When I started selling cars for a living, I could not find any source to help me get my feet wet and provide me with the inside information to speed up the process of becoming a Professional Car salesperson. Most of what you find online when researching Car Sales is negative and bashes the car salesman and the business of selling cars. Selling automobiles is an honorable vocation, and you should be proud to say you sell cars for a living. Things are different today when it comes to selling cars than only a few short years ago. I will keep you abreast of the changes you must make to earn a great living in the car business.

The Business of Selling Cars

I know firsthand that the Car Sales Profession can be a great career choice and that it is a very profitable business. The potential is practically unlimited when it comes to making money. I started selling cars at a time in my life when I needed to make money and fast. A friend recommended that I try selling cars for a living, but the car salesman’s poor image with the public put me off.


Then, after thinking about it and a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try it. So I jumped in with both feet and tried to learn everything I could about selling cars. I was determined to make a good living in the car business. After three months, I was one of the top car salesmen and was on track to make a six-figure income. Author Bio:

 To this day, I continue to be involved in selling cars daily and earn over six figures annually.

Your Own Personal Car Sales Trainer

I share some of the lessons I have learned and continue to learn to sell more cars and make more money selling cars both on this blog and in the book I wrote. It’s better than a car sales trainer. Feel free to read some of my posts and add your thoughts, stories, and successes of being a successful car salesman or saleswoman, whether working the floor, in the Internet Sales Department, or managing the entire dealership.

Karl Beckham A.K.A. K.B.

I will write posts and be happy to publish any car sales tips, car sales techniques, stories, pictures, and anything else about the Profession of Selling Cars. You can email any of these to me at KB@CarSalesProfessional.com. 

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Author Bio:

Karl Beckham is a seasoned veteran in the realm of automotive sales, bringing over two decades of invaluable experience to the forefront of his insightful articles and several authored books. As a respected figure in the car sales industry, Karl has honed his expertise through years of dedicated service, successfully navigating the ever-evolving landscape of consumer preferences and industry trends.

With a passion for empowering fellow car sales professionals, Karl shares a wealth of practical knowledge and proven strategies. His articles and books, fueled by a deep understanding of customer psychology and sales techniques, serve as a guiding beacon for those striving to excel in the competitive world of automobile sales.

Karl’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the confines of traditional sales approaches. Known for his innovative perspectives and commitment to continuous learning, he remains at the forefront of industry developments. Through his engaging and informative writing, Karl Beckham has become a trusted mentor for aspiring and established professionals, offering a roadmap to success in the fast-paced world of automotive sales.