Selling Cars and the BDC or Business Development Center

Once a necessary evil that did little more than transfer incoming calls to various departments throughout the dealership has become one of the most important departments in the automobile dealer. Today the BDC or Business Development Center is the lifeline of the dealership. Every inbound phone call is important and the way these calls are handled can make or break the automotive retailer.

Automobile BDC or Business Development CenterThe car dealer today spends many thousands of dollars every month to get the phone to ring and their website to attract customers. They do (or should) understand that each and every contact with the dealership that is consumer initiated represents potential income or lack of income. When customers call and reach the BDC or Business Development Center they want information, the information that they use to decide whether to do business with your dealership or choose another dealership. Competition is fierce in the automotive industry and having a good location is no longer enough to provide a consistent flow of used and new car buyers. The Internet has changed practically every part of selling cars and it will continue to do that for years to come. You change, adjust and improve or you will be left standing in the dust.

Car Sales and The BDC Role

Here at Car Sales Professional we also cover the importance of the BDC and include tips and information that will help improve the overall operation and efficiency of the Business Development Center. Our primary focus here will be on the new and used car sales side of the BDC and the impact that it can have on showroom traffic, Internet Sales Department and the income of the sales staff. Some dealerships operate a BDC department separately from the Internet Sales Division and others combine them with the sales side of the dealership in several different ways. We will explore the possibilities and the ways to create more traffic for you and your dealership so you can sell more cars and make more money.

Why BDC for Salespeople

This BDC section of Car Sales Professional is for everyone that sells cars in the dealership. It is about so much more than taking a phone call it is about:

  • Getting the Customer in the Door
  • Making the Customer Want to Buy a Car From You
  • Creating Showroom Traffic
  • Proving Information without Disqualifying You or the Dealership
  • How Much is Too Much Information
  • Connecting with the Car Shopper on the Phone
  • Avoiding Details that will Knock You Out of the Running
  • Telling the Truth or Lying to the Customer
  • Is the Car Still in Stock?
  • Do You Have a Blue One on the Lot?

Whether you sell cars on the showroom floor, work in the Internet Department or take calls and set appointments for the Sales Department this BDC or Business Development Center section is for you. You can sell more cars, drive more traffic, set more appointments, get more shows and make more money when you know how to use the phone like a true car sales professional.

You will find new posts, articles and information for improving your chances of getting more appointments, shows and sales below as they posted. Come back often and sell more cars.

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