Some people may disagree with me for breaking out the Post Test Drive from the test drive, but I think this is a very important step of the cars sales steps. I believe this so important that I make it a separate step to avoid losing focus on this very critical part of selling cars for a living. This car sales step starts at the end of the drive and the customer pulls the prospective vehicle into the dealership lot.

Post Test Drive Sales StepLike I said earlier you should direct them where to park, which should be somewhere out of the way and nowhere near the other inventory. You want the car to be isolated to keep them from seeing others cars and questioning their choice. Now that the car is parked and before either of you get out of the car it’s time to start asking questions to determine if the right car has been selected and whether or not you can move on to the next step.

Post Test Drive Questions

The point here is to determine if you have selection, remember if you don’t have selection you are not going to close the sale no matter how good you are. If you were unable to determine whether or not you have the right car during the test-drive, now is the time for you to do that by asking questions and closely observing their reactions and listening to their answers. Some examples of these types of questions are as follows:

So, was it everything you were looking for in your next car?

If I can work out the numbers for you are you ready to drive it home today?

Was there anything missing from your new car?

Well, looks like you have you found you next car, right?

Is there anything you want to add to your next car?

So are we ready to move forward?

Lets go inside and talk, as long as we have right the car.

Are you ready to go inside and work about the details so you can take it home?

Looks like you picked the right car unless I missed something, did I?

These questions are simply examples, you can ask more specific questions depending your customer, the vehicle and the situation, but these samples should give you an idea of what you need to do. The statements and questions above are made to bring objections to the surface. These are also know as trial closes which is the best way to make sure you have the right car. If you use these trial closing statements and questions you will quickly be able to determine your next step. If their answers raise objections about the car you may need to re-select and re-test-drive a different vehicle. There will almost always be objections about price, payments and other financial concerns, but the point here is to nail down selection.

Exact Selection is Everything During Post Test Drive

Car Sales Tip: You need to pay very close attention during this car sales step. I have seen car buyers fall in love with a car during the test drive, but when it came down to closing the sale it wasn’t happening. They loved the car, but it had a sunroof that they didn’t want or it had hubcaps when they wanted alloy wheels or it was the wrong color. (Many times this can be discovered during the walk-around.) They wanted the car, but they didn’t bring up those details until after I took over the deal and got the truth out of them. The sales person missed these details and therefore they wouldn’t buy the car until I switched them. Many people will tell you things they don’t like about the car, but some people need a little help.

The post test drive step is to determine proper selection, now that you have proper selection you can bring them into the dealership through the service department. Introduce them to service and show off your service department. Point out special features, hours, facilities and you may even introduce them to the service manager or a service writer. Remember, you are selling cars, but you are also selling the dealership and yourself. Now take them to your desk and get to work.

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