Sell More Cars with Stories

Have you ever heard the saying “stories sell”? If not, you should pay close attention because there is merit in that saying. I am not saying you must make up tall tales or spin a yarn. You should collect your customers’ stories and tell them to your prospective customers when the scenario applies. You will sell more cars with stories and make more commissions when you regularly put this simple truth to work for you.

sell more cat with stories

Not only will you end up selling more cars, but you will also create a closer bond with your customers. Let me give you an example of my experience early in my car sales career to illustrate my point.

I received a phone call from a customer that I had sold a car six months earlier, and he asked me if I would be there that afternoon. He also asked if I had a good selection of the model car I sold him six months earlier. I said I would be in the dealership and had a great selection of the same model. I asked him why, and he said he would be here to see me in an hour and tell me about his request.

Connect with Customers and Sell More Cars With Stories

About an hour later, he came in with his wife and daughter and told me why he asked such a question. It seems that he and his family were in a nasty accident. They were in the car I sold him only six months ago, and the insurance company totaled out the car. He told me they were broadsided in an intersection by a larger vehicle. They went on to tell me that their family only incurred some scratches and bruises.  They said they wouldn’t even consider owning a car that wasn’t the same make and model they had. I was relieved that the family was ok.

I sold them another car and several more cars since that time. Each one was easier to close because they felt comfortable with me based on the previous experience I provided when buying a car. However, the real payoff is the story. I shared this with many car buyers over the years.  Over the years, I realized I use that story to sell more cars with stories. I have sold more cars and created more relationships with buyers than I can recall. This story portrays the real-life experience that my customer had and ultimately became a third-party testimonial.

Selling Cars is a People Business

This is a real-life story that people like to hear when considering the same automobile. The value of such and similar stories can be exactly what you need to close the deal sometimes. It’s not a commercial or a brochure; it’s a real-life story that can help you sell more cars. Without good car sales follow-up and a positive car-buying experience, I might not have heard this story. Another benefit from this experience is that I have received several referrals from that customer over the years.

I Sold More Cars With Stories, and You Can Too

Don’t get me wrong, and I am not telling you to fabricate a story to sell more cars because there are plenty of these real-life experiences to go around. I have several instances where I have passed stories along about customers’ experiences. Take time, listen to your customers, and learn more about them. People buy from people, and more of them will buy a car if they feel you care about their wants and needs. This is one of those powerful car salesperson tips that works like a charm. Do your follow-up and ask for referrals because you can always sell more cars with stories.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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You can sell more vehicles when asking for referrals and doing your follow-up.



KB · June 13 at 4:27 pm

Hi Don,
Nice job Don and I hope you are Top Dog.

I have thought about the emotions of selling many times, but haven’t gotten around to writing it out.

Thanks, I will put that on my list.


DON ADAMS · June 11 at 6:00 pm

I have been top dog at the largest Chevy lot in Utah. I want to be top dog for the year!!! I need help. I want to get more into the emotions of selling. I have studied Verde and he gives great fundamentals but I want to be able to understand why, better…

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