Most everyone has a comfort level regarding their income, but not their car sales income. That is one reason many people fear the car sales profession regardless of whether they are a salesman, Internet Sales Manager, F&I Manager, or Sales Manager. However, even those of us who have adjusted and accepted the practice of working on commission have a certain comfort level.

People have a mindset of how much they want to make and how much they are worth regarding their income. Often, it depends on their past work experience, upbringing, financial obligations, or circle of friends. Still, whether you realize it or not, you have a comfort level regarding your realistic earning potential. Many people aren’t even aware of what they are doing or believing.

Car Sales Income One of the best things about car sales is that you determine your car sales income. Your skills, abilities, attitude, and many other factors drive you. They guide you to be as productive as you need to be to earn an annual income that makes you comfortable. I don’t mean financially comfortable. I mean psychologically comfortable. You may still want and desire more income. However, deep down in your subconscious mind, you don’t believe you can earn more, and when you don’t reach the income you desire, you accept the outcome.

More Car Sales Income for You

We all want to make more money, but it will never happen if you don’t believe it is possible. You might think of it like an internal thermostat of sorts. You are comfortable earning 50K a year as your car sales income and want to make 70K yearly. Your thermostat is set at 50-55K a year, and you have a few good months that will get you tracking closer to the 70K mark, but then you have a few weak months and are back on track to make the 50-55K.

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Don’t look around for a reason and ask how or why because you are the one who changed. Your internal mindset (thermostat) changed. The work you did, the way you thought, the words you spoke, and your attitude during those two good months put you outside your comfort zone, and your thermostat reacted and brought you back to the 50-55K setting. Often, without thinking about it, you may adjust the way you do things. Unconsciously, you may put forth less effort so that you will remain at your comfort level. It’s a proven fact in the study of the human mind. You won’t if you don’t believe you can earn six figures.

Change Your Comfort Level, and Your Income Will Too

You must change your thoughts if you are determined to increase your car sales income. Change your comfort level, along with your commission checks, if your months are up and down. You have to start KNOWING that you can make more money and sell more cars, not just think you can It would be best if you believed you were capable and qualified and deserved to earn the desired income level as a car sales professional.

Think like a successful car salesman or car saleswoman, Internet Sales Manager, F&I Manager, or Sales Manager, and act like one. Set your goals and review them daily in your mind. See yourself earning the desired amount and, most importantly, KNOW THAT YOU CAN because you can!

Your Income Will Change When You Decide

I hope I didn’t offend anyone here. I have seen this repeatedly through my years in the car business and still see it today. Salespeople always complain about their income and how it goes up and down month after month. Yet their annual income remains almost identical year after year. They change dealers, and the income stays practically the same regardless of different pay plans, car brands, locations, and management styles. It’s because they are looking for outside reasons for answers to their auto sales income problems instead of examining the way they think. You can sell more cars and make more money than you are now; change your mind, and the money will come.

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Tom · October 31 at 5:59 pm

Love this edition. For my first 5 years I was happy with 60k I read a book by Jackie B Cooper and his positive mental attitude help me make 100 k plus since. I didn’t change my work habits AT ALL , just my attitude!!!!

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