Mastering Car Sales: 10 Things Car Salespeople Should Know

Whether you are just starting in the car business or if you have been around since the good old days. These are the ten things a car salesperson should know. Things have been changing in the car business very rapidly over the past few years. However, these remain valid and probably will as long as we are selling cars for a living. You could call them commandments or the basic rules of being a car salesman. You must remember these golden rules for car sales success regardless of what you call them.

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Things a Car Salesperson Should Know to Succeed

1. Two People Meet, and One Gets Sold.

When it comes to people and selling cars, this is always true. Somebody gets sold. Whether you sell your customer on why they should buy a car from you today or the customer sells you on why they are not buying a car today. What is it going to be? Will you sell your customer an automobile, or will they sell you one of their reasons for not buying now?

As a car sales professional, this is one thing to ask yourself whenever you are with a customer and probably one of the most important things a car salesperson should know. Who is getting sold, you or them? Sometimes, they will try to turn it around on you, but remember, you are the salesperson.

2. More Than Window Shopping

Of course, they are all at the dealership to look at cars, which will only happen once they meet a salesperson, not just any car salesperson. It must be a professional car salesperson. They won’t tell you that they are here to buy a car. They will tell you they are just looking And buying in the future.

However, if you are a true salesman or saleswoman, you can sell them a car today. If not today, then shortly. The car buyer’s first line of defense against the car salesperson is just looking.  You can accept it or sell them a car, you decide. Top car salespeople understand that of the ten things a car salesperson should know; this is the one that newbies often forget.

3. Avoid the Trap of Bashing Your Competition

Don’t get caught in the trap of bad-mouthing the competing car dealer because it will do more harm than good. You don’t know what they are thinking, and you might even insult them without knowing it. Show them why you, your vehicle, and your dealership are the best places to buy a car.

I have seen many deals lost after a salesperson talks trash about another dealership or brand. Your customer might be a regular customer at the dealer. If you are running them into the ground for the ground, you may lose them. Stay positive, show them what you offer, and let them decide, or you might chase them back to the other dealer.

4. Stop Shortcutting and Dummy Up

Use the selling system you were trained to use to sell cars and don’t start thinking that you know a better way. That is the quickest way to see your sales drop. You could shoot yourself in the foot by leaving things out and short-cutting the system.

Car sales training systems were designed to work consistently throughout the dealership. One step is made to work with the next and the one before. I guarantee you will lose deals when you start thinking you know better or short-cutting the system. Another one of the things a car salesperson should know but often needs to remember. Dummy up, get back to basics, and you will sell more cars.

5. There is Always More Room, and F&I Will Prove It.

We have all had customers who wouldn’t bump another dollar, but after they got done in F&I, their payment went up by 20, 30, or 40 dollars. The things a car salesperson should know include knowing that there is always more room. When you believe that they won’t go another dollar, think again. Maybe you didn’t show them a reason to spend more or provide enough value in the vehicle or the dealership. Think about how bumping them another $100 will equal 20, 30, or 40 dollars towards your car salesman’s salary. If you don’t get it, the F&I Department will.

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6. Price Isn’t Everything Its Value

Stop thinking that price is the only thing to close the deal because that is false. Almost everyone is willing to pay more when they see the value in something. Quit working at the desk, start working with the customer, and provide more value. Many salespeople work the desk harder than they work the customer. When you show them “What’s in it for them,” you provide more value and ultimately make more commission. A car salesperson should know and never forget that it’s not always about price, whether they are a newbie or a veteran. It doesn’t matter if you sell used cars or BMWs; it’s not always the price.

7. Every Car Salesperson Should Know “Be Backs” Won’t Be Back

You may have heard this one a few hundred times, but that’s because it is usually accurate so I will repeat it: Be Backs won’t be back. They say they will, but my car salesman didn’t tell me why I should buy a car from them and their dealership. Then they will think there is more to be had elsewhere because you didn’t make them feel otherwise. That’s why there is so much emphasis on selling them NOW! Unless they do!

7A. Be Backs Can Comeback

They sound sincere and have many reasons, but that is their way of giving you the bad news. Granted, they may visit another dealer and feel the same way about them, but if they meet an honest salesperson, they will buy a car, and all the follow-up in the world won’t help. 

Once they tell you that they will “Be Back,” your only chance is that they visit another dealership and tell them the same thing, and then you have a remote chance with follow-up if you have something more to offer. Can you believe that people ask why car salespeople when they are the ones who are avoiding the truth?

8. Things a Car Salesperson Should Know About Enthusiasm and Selling Cars

Even the grumpy old fart that buys a car is excited about buying a new car, but they certainly aren’t going to tell or show you that. Car buyers don’t want the salesman to think they are excited about the prospect of driving home in a new ride, but their enthusiasm will heighten that excitement and engage more of their emotions. Being positive and enthusiastic about them having a new vehicle will only help you sell more cars and increase your commission.

When people use their emotions to purchase a vehicle, you are the one who comes out on top. Enthusiasm is an emotion, and your ticket to sales and logic is the quickest way to a short deal. The things a car salesperson should know include enthusiasm because enthusiasm sells cars. Be enthusiastic, have positive things about cars, and be upbeat with your customers; you will sell more cars and make more money.

9. The Sales Manager Wants to Sell a Car as Badly as You Do

You might think otherwise, but it is true. The sales manager gets paid based on sales and gross, and they will help you sell cars. When the desk or sales manager won’t accept your deal, they feel there is more room. They believe the customer can be bumped, or the next person will pay more for the same car. It’s not personal; it’s business, and they want to sell cars just like you do, and that’s one more of those things a car salesperson should know.

10. Every Car Salesperson Should Know Buyers are Liars

I left this one for number ten because too many salespeople like to use this as an excuse when they don’t make a deal, but it is true in many cases. Talk to enough car buyers on and off the car lot, and you will find out that the average consumer thinks lying to the salesperson is acceptable. Even that person who never tells a lie thinks it’s not a lie, and sometimes they use it to say no to the salesperson, but it’s all part of the car buying process.

10A. Liars are Buyers

Car dealers don’t want their salespeople to lie, yet customers do so. Again, this is one of the few things the customer uses as a defense because they don’t want to be taken advantage of by a car sales associate. Things a car salesperson should know include being wise about the way the customer thinks. The salesperson must understand that they need to break down this customer barrier. Then, change the way the customer thinks.

When selling cars professionally, body language, tone, and facial expressions are essential. Most people are honest unless they buy a car, so they usually give themselves away with their facial expressions and eye movements. Accept these car salesman facts, but don’t use them as an excuse for not selling a car.

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The Basic Things a Car Salesperson Should Know is a Foundation

These ten things a car salesperson should know are essential, but these car salesman facts are actual. There are many other things that you should know when you have a career as a car salesperson. Hopefully, these will get you started or remind those who may have forgotten some of them. You can move on to other car sales associate tips, but you must build a foundation first. If you have some things that car salespeople should know, please add them in the comment section below, and I will publish them when appropriate.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot