Enthusiasm sells cars, sounds a little strange right, well it does. Being an enthusiastic auto sales professional will help you sell cars. I am not talking about being over the top and annoying. I am talking about being excited about talking to a potential car buyer, being excited about taking them on a test drive or even being excited about an option or accessory in the car you are showing.

Enthusiasm Sells Cars – It Really Does

OK, I am talking about doing some acting here, but we act everyday when we have a career in car sales. We are on stage when we are with a customer, so being excited and letting the car buyer see that excitement can help, because enthusiasm sells cars. Your customer will get more excited and more enthused when you are enthusiastic. This is rarely a part of your car sales training because it is hard to teach enthusiasm. When you are excited, positive and upbeat about things it is contagious. This emotion will start to rub off onto your customer and make them focus more on the positive side of buying a car rather than the negative side.

I Love Emotional Buyers and the Emotion of Enthusiasm Sells Cars

People naturally get swept up into excitement and enthusiasm when they are surrounded by what they think is natural and authentic excitement. The car buyer will naturally start to be enthused if you are, people want to belong and feel that they are part of what is going on. Being a car salesman or car sales woman means you need to be enthusiastic about the car or the deal without going too far.

Enthusiasm Can Sell Cars – But Not Too Much

When you are going on stage, so to speak be careful not to overdo the enthusiasm. If you go too far you will come off like a cheesy and phony car salesman that we are trying to avoid as a Auto Sales professional. Going too far will turn you car buyer into a car shopper or a Be Back (you know what we think about Be Backs). The important part of this car salesman tip is that you want to be enthusiastic about the customer, the car, the deal and your dealership, but you want to turn it down when it comes to the car buyer making a buying decision (your car salesman income depends on it).

You want your car buyer to believe that you only want them to buy the car if they really want the car. You don’t want them to think you are excited about them buying the car unless they are excited (they will be excited if you have done your job). Getting just the right amount of enthusiasm is the key to making a six figure income. Remember, enthusiasm sells cars, but it is easy to overdo it.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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KB · December 9 at 7:58 am

Thanks for commenting Mike.
It’s good to hear from a professional.

Mike C · December 9 at 7:21 am

for once this is whats it is about. i spent 36 years at one dealership, selling for 21, and this guy has got it right.ITS NOT ALWAYS fun . but the money is there. remember this, your store will sell 7 or maybe 20 deals every day, and there not all house deals. ask for the deal, every deal, and you>ll get your 15 or 20 cars each month then your have your 7000, to 10k a month, and your only really working 6 or 7 hrs a day, of course their just looking,that’s how it starts.

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