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Whether you are here because you are thinking of starting a career in car sales or you already sell cars for a living listen up. For the person that is seriously thinking about becoming a car salesperson, I have some great news for you. If you are currently a car salesperson you need to pay close attention. I will break it down for both you separately, yet the information will apply to both.

Forget about what you might think about car salespeople!

Yes, I know we are often the butt of jokes and not typically considered pillars of the community. However, things are much different today than they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago in the car business.

Today the auto manufacturers play an active role in process of selling cars today. The unethical practices and pranks of the past are no longer tolerated. Today the car buying experience should be described as professional, helpful, smooth and excellent. Automakers survey customers directly and the individual dealerships are holding to high standards of service. Mediocrely is not acceptable.

A career in car sales today is all about being a professional!

Career in Car Sales Income

This is the part you have been waiting for, right?

Sales is typically the highest paid profession there is, but it won’t be handed to you. You will have to work for it. It’s not uncommon for a successful car salesperson to earn a six-figure income.

You can take a look at the ongoing survey “How Much Do Car Salespeople Make”. There are plenty of sources that will tell you that the average car salesperson earns much less. However, they said average and I said successful. The best part here is that you are the one that determines how much you earn. That’s right, you decide how much you want to earn. With experience, desire and hard work a six-figure income is at hand as you can see if you read the page link above.

Career in Car Sales Education

I have worked with salespeople that had no more than a high school education and I have worked with people that had bachelor degrees in accounting, finance, IT and business. The surprising part is that their level of success as a car sales professional was not determined by their formal education level.

Obviously, the education bar is not set very high and not usually a factor if you are thinking about a career in car sales. It’s not the education that makes a success, it’s the person. Their determination, perseverance, and attitude are what creates success.

Career in Car Sales Perks

Now if great income potential and few education requirements are not enough for you there are still many perks.

One of the best perks of a successful career in car sales is your marketability. A successful car salesperson can go anywhere and sell cars. You can move anywhere in your country and get yourself a job at a dealership as a car sales professional. Practically every dealership will hire someone that is a successful car salesperson, even if they are not hiring. Top salespeople are always in demand.

Want another reason for pursuing a career in car sales? How about the fun? Selling cars is fun, just ask any successful salesman. However, it’s not too much fun if you’re not selling. But a good salesperson always sells cars.

How about relationships? I have made some great friends in the car business that have lasted long after working at the same dealership. Sure that can happen in any career, but to me, it seems that it’s more prevalent in the car business.

Be careful though, the car business gets in your blood. Once you’ve tasted success you will be hooked. Nothing tastes as good as real success. You will become a “Car Person”, a “Car Guy” or “Car Girl”, but even if you leave the business you will be drawn back. I have seen it over and over. The great money, the fun, and the relationships will keep you coming back.

Already Have a Career in Car Sales?

If you don’t agree with the above you need to take a closer look, get to work or change dealerships. It’s all here in a car sales career. Young or old, male or female it doesn’t matter. The opportunity is here, but you can’t do this half-assed, it’s all or nothing. Check out “What Makes a Great Car Salesman“.

Later, Fresh Up on the lot!


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