Things are changing and so is the car business. Only a few short years ago the thought of having a designated Internet Car Salesman or woman was unheard of, but today practically every car dealership has one person or even a dealership internet sales team of salespeople that work with potential customers that contact them via the Internet. Traditional advertising is losing the impact in once had and the better dealers are using more of their budget on Internet advertising and less on print, radio and television.

Internet Car Salesman or WomanIt is said that nearly 90 percent of the car buyers today use the Internet to research and shop for a vehicle before they ever step foot into a dealership. The car buying process is changing and we need to change with it if we are going to be selling cars in the future. Granted people still need to test drive a car and sign paperwork, but they no longer visit multiple dealers before they make a purchase. Currently the statistics tell us that automobile buyer visits 1.2 dealerships before they buy. What does that mean to you and me, less “Fresh Ups”, less opportunity, smarter consumers and the need for more Internet Car Salesmen.

The Internet Car Salesman is Here to Stay

Whether you like it or not things are changing and we need to embrace that change by arming ourselves with all the knowledge and ammunition that we can find to sell cars and make money through the Internet. Car Sales Professional is determined to provide you with the resources and information you need to make the changes you need to make to be an Internet Car Salesman so you can sell cars and make an internet car sales salary that equals six figures. You can earn an Internet manager car dealership salary that a true professional is entitled to regardless of whether the customer is a “Fresh Up” or you are selling cars on the Internet.

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Resources, Posts and Information for the Internet Car Salesperson

This page will be the main page for articles, news, tools and Internet Car Salesman Tips

This section will contain links to posts and articles that deal with subjects that will help provide you with Internet car sales tips and information for dealing with Internet customers that will include the following:

  • Dealing with an Internet Buyer
  • Price Isn’t Everything to the Internet Shopper
  • Getting Them Through the Door
  • Role of the Internet Sales Manager
  • Social Media
  • Effective Use of Email
  • The Upside of the Internet Customer
  • The Phone Can Be Your Best Friend
  • Internet Chat for Selling Cars
  • Creating Your Own Brand as an Internet Car Salesperson
  • The BDC and the Internet
  • Working with Leads
  • And much more will becoming your way!

The future is bright and there is a great deal of money be made in the car business for the Internet Car Salesman if you are willing to do what needs to be done to sell cars for a living. Change is inevitable no matter what you do for a living so you might as well have some fun, move some metal and make a lucrative car dealership Internet sales salary.

Articles for the Internet Car Salesman

How Are You Car Sales Phone Skills?

Should I Become an Internet Sales Manager?

The Role of the Internet Sales Manager

From Car Salesman to Internet Sales

Internet Sales Manager or Car Salesman

Web Chat and the Car Salesman

Internet Leads are Changing and You Better Too!

Stop Selling the Car and Start Selling the Appointment

Internet Sales Manager Tips – Back to Basics

Internet Leads for the Car Salesman

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot or Fresh Lead Online


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Mike Habib · May 30 at 4:14 pm

Are there any good internet companies that provide leads to individual sales reps?

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