More and more dealerships are embracing the Internet in a big way and I have been hearing from some of you about going from car salesman to Internet Sales. Only a few years ago an Internet Sales Department consisted of letting whoever was available follow up on dealership emails and requests, but today the best dealers have complete departments.

Internet Car Sales ManagerLets face it the Internet has changed the way we sell cars and either we have to embrace it and figure out how to profit or we will be left in the dust. Most of todays car buyers, nearly 86% are using the Internet to start their car shopping. That means less fresh ups because customers are not going to several dealers before they make their decision. So a good first impression on the Internet is critical to a dealers success.

Traditional Car Salesman or Internet Car Sales Manager

Typically the term Internet Sales Manager is used to describe the car salesperson that does not take Fresh Ups, but rather works with customers and brings customers in through working leads and emails. From there they sell them a car by use of traditional methods. The Walkaround, Test Drive and car sales closing techniques are usually the same (maybe slightly modified), but the end result is the same.

The question that so many salesmen and saleswomen have been asking is shall I go into Internet Car Sales? Besides my own experience I have talked to several friends and other dealerships about their procedure for handling Internet Sales and I have found that the way they operate their department varies greatly.

Some operate a BDC depart that handles all leads, emails and phone calls and when the customer comes into the dealership and a floor salesman handles the customer and sells the car. So this style of handling the Internet customer does not require a salesperson to become an Internet car salesman.

Some have individual Internet Sales Managers that handle the customer from lead to sale. This is usually the method that requires a salesman to move from floor salesman to Internet Sales Manager. Of these dealers some send out a lowball quote to simply get them in to the store and some work with the customer on a more personal level to get them in the store. Sometimes they give prices and sometimes they don’t.

You should know that there are many Internet sales mangers that are doing quite well and making a six figure income selling cars this way. They stay busy and they do very much the same way as they did on the floor. Sometimes they sell a Mini and sometimes they knock them out of the park.

My Take and Experience on Internet Car Sales

I have been involved in both types of operations and they both produce results. I have sold cars to many Internet customers and both through Internet and on the showroom floor and I have made good money. The money is there you just have to change your ways a bit to work through Internet. It still comes down to selling. You will sell plenty of cars and only make a Mini, but there are plenty of deals where you can make some great commissions.

I have been thinking about writing a book on Internet Sales because more people are asking for advice. I think it might be time to get started. In the mean time I will try to write more posts about dealing and working with Internet car buying customers.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot (or fresh lead)


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