It doesn’t look like a hard job; in fact it looks quite easy so what are the pros and cons of being a car salesman. Like all jobs there are good and bad points, but it depends on whether the pros outweigh the cons if you are asking about how to become a car salesman. Being a car salesman is a job that some people love and others hate, but the same holds true no matter what job or career we are talking about.

Pros and Cons of Being a Car Salesman

I have put together the pros and cons of being a car salesman for any of you out there that are considering a position as a car salesman. Those of you that are already involved in the business of selling cars please feel free to add your own feelings about the life of a car salesman.

Being a Car Salesman the Pros and Cons

Pros of Being a Car Salesman

Cons of Being a Car Salesman

The car salesman can determine how much money they want to make because they usually get paid commission, which is based on the cars you sell and the profitability of each car sold. Plus the salesman can earn bonus and spiffs to supplement their car salesman salary. You get paid commission, so if you don’t sell any cars you don’t make any money.
The workday goes by quickly when you are working with customers. Time seems to fly by when you are selling and delivering cars. Some days the dealership is slow and you stand around all day waiting for customers.You might not get a customer.
You can sell one car and make a $1000 or more. Take a look at the survey how much money do car salesman make. You can sell one car and make a “Mini deal” which is $75 or $100.
When selling cars you work a schedule that includes evenings, days and weekends which keeps you from getting bored with the same schedule all the time. You may have to work weekends and some nights.
You might get to drive a Demo car that is provided by the dealership. Not all dealers provide demos.
You don’t have to work hard, at least physically because you work with your words and your pen. You spend hours with customers that don’t buy a car.
You get to work with and meet new and interesting people everyday. Car buyers will lie to you all the time. They say they will be back, but they don’t come back and then they buy a car somewhere else.
It’s rewarding to win over a customer and sell them a car and then have them send you customers that buy cars because they trust and respect you. People don’t respect the car salesman and make fun of the profession.
Car dealers provide car sales training and the staff will supply sales tips for how to be a better car salesman. Dealers only train you when you first start selling cars.
You can build up a list of customers that keep coming back to buy for years if you use a car sales follow up system. Customers buy wherever they feel that they are getting the most value for the money.
You can make a six-figure income selling cars, but you will work more than forty hours a week. You have to work long hours.
Selling cars can be a lot of fun. Selling cars is stressful.

I am sure there are many more pros and cons of being a car salesman, but if you read the list over carefully you will notice a trend. When you have a positive attitude about selling cars you will not only make more money and have more fun, but you will enjoy your work at least most of the time. However when you have a negative attitude when it comes to making a living as a car salesman you will get what you put out there. Nobody wants to buy a car from a person that is negative so if you go through your workday with a chip on your shoulder there is not much chance of selling a car.

Successful and Being a Car Salesman

Should you decide to enter the car business it’s your job to discover how to be the best car salesman. The other salespeople, sales managers, be a succesful car salesmancustomers and experience will help you improve and fine tune your car sales skills and techniques. One of the benefits of car salesman is that you can quickly build a database of customers that buy over and over and send you referrals. Repeat customers and referrals are one of the quickest ways for learning how to be a successful car salesman.

No job is perfect, but the pros and cons of selling cars can be different for everyone. If your way of thinking is similar to the right side of the column above then you have two choices. Get out of the business and quit burning through Ups or get your head in the game and become a car sales professional. A professional car salesman can make a six figure car salesman salary which can make the cons go away or at least become less important. Being a car salesman can be a very rewarding and lucrative career, but it’s not easy.

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