We all know that the Internet has had a huge impact on the car business in recent years. It has changed the way we sell cars and it has also changed our customers. Many dealerships have changed their focus from print advertising to Internet advertising in order to keep up with the changes in the way people buy cars. The latest numbers tell us that 86% of the car buyers spend some amount time on the Internet shopping for cars before they make any buying decisions.

Web Chat for Car SalesmenThose kind of numbers are hard to ignore so one of the things that dealers are doing to engage the car buyer is to install “Web Chat” on their websites. Some dealers have their Internet Department or BDC operate or man their chat, but a great number of dealers are having a car salesman or car saleswoman monitor their Chat system in one or two hour shifts because they are better at talking to customers. If you are selling cars for a living and have the opportunity to engage in a web chat with a potential automobile customer you have a chance to increase your car salesman income.

Website Chat for the Car Salesman

The main point of this post is to provide a few car salesman tips for engaging the customer in a web chat. The car salesman techniques and experience you already have and use to sell cars can be used to get car buyers to come into the showroom asking for you. We all know that when you have a customer come in asking for you there is a much better chance of making a sale than a “Fresh Up”.

The car buyer that engages in a web chat with a car salesman is not the person that fills out a lead form online or the customer that calls the dealership. They are usually that small group of customers that wants to remain anonymous, they don’t want to give their name, phone number  or any other personal information until they feel comfortable about doing so. They want information, but they don’t want to expose their identity.

Therefore the chat car buyer needs to be handled in a softer or more gentler manor. You want to provide them with the information they desire, but you don’t want to give them too much information or they will use it to go to another dealer. Give them too little and they will close the chat window and they are gone forever. A successful chat session consists of giving them just enough information while selling them on your dealership along with making them believe they are chatting with and honest car salesman. Not as easy as it sounds. You might say I did not become a car salesman to do web chat, but you could be missing a great opportunity to sell a car if you don’t.

Tips for Car Salesman Web Chat

1. Use short questions and answers: Not everyone is a typist so long wordy questions and statements can overwhelm the customer.

2. Don’t ask the for personal info too quick: Confirm their first name and use that in your chat session. Remember, they are chatting because they did not want to provide their info. Start with first name and don’t ask for more until they get more comfortable.

3. Don’t lie to them: Don’t tell them you have a car in stock when you don’t. They are on your website and they probably already checked.

4. Tell them about your dealership: Tell about your delivery process or warranty or anything that sells them on your dealership. Tell them how easy it is to get to your dealership or how quickly they can get there if they take a certain route. Sell the dealership.

5. Tease them: Yes, I said tease them. Give them enough info to believe that you are the car salesman that they want to sell them and that this is the dealership where they want to do business.

6. Stay away from trade-in values: Don’t give them numbers on their trade, but make them believe you want their trade, but you must see it in order to be fair with them.

7. Stay away from prices: Chatters like to ask for best price, so you need to get off of price and let them know that you just want to sell cars. Tell them you have seen crazy things happen when the buyer is in the showroom, but they need to be there. This goes back to teasing them, do not commit to a price, but let them believe price is not an issue.

These web chat tips for the car salesman is something you should keep in mind when you engage in a chat. The main objective is to get them in the door asking for you. We all know you can’t bump somebody on price or show them a switch car from the other end of a computer, but we can do amazing things once you get them in the dealership. You have all seen it over and over, once they drive and you get them excited about driving home a new vehicle their logic fades and their emotions take over. The emotional car buyer is the one that lets us make money, not the logical one. When they are chatting they are using their logical mind and they can close the chat window at any time. Web chat for the car salesman can make you money and help you hit that six figire income.

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