The Badger Car Salesman Video

I saw these funny car salesman commercials from Johnson Automotive years ago, but I can’t help laughing every time I see them. This badger car salesman badger video consists of several short commercials in one video. I know many of you have seen these videos, but there are plenty of regular visitors to the site that hasn’t seen these videos. Now that is what you call car sales skills!

Take a break, have a laugh watching the car salesman badger, and daydream about how you would like to talk to some customers like he does on some days. It might even be time for your popcorn break. The idea for the commercial producer is to tell the public they are not like the badger. If nothing else, they sure make you remember the dealership that made them. 

We have all had those days or specific customers that make us want to treat them the same way as our Badger Car Salesman.

There are more here on YouTube.

The sad thing is that some salespeople treat people the same way as the badger. I won’t be easy to find, but some are still around. They are not car sales professionals. But then, we all cant be six-figure car sales pros. You won’t see this treatment at a successful franchise car dealership. But you might find at one or two stores that act like they sell cars in the 1960s.

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