be a likable car salesperson

Well, are you a likable car salesperson? I am sure that you think you are likable but are you really? I have worked with some car salespeople that believed they were likable and some that just plain didn’t care. As far as they were concerned they were there to sell cars not to be liked. I bring this subject up because when you are likable to your customers you are much more likely to sell them a car. Follow these car sales tips and become the car salesperson that customers like.

Tips for Being a Likable Car Salesperson

  • Tip #1. Positive Energy: Be positive and smile. Don’t bitch and moan about things, keep it upbeat and positive. Both negative and positive are contagious so make sure you keep it positive. If your customer is negative they will slowly become more positive if you remain positive.
  • Tip #2. Compliment People: This tip is simple enough just compliment people, but don’t make it phony. Be sincere. You can compliment their choices, their ideas, and their things. Compliment their color choice, their choice of options, etc… However don’t get too personal.
  • Tip #3. Mirror Your Customer: You have probably heard this before and that’s because it works. If you are like them you must be a likable car salesperson. Mirror their style of speaking, the volume and their mannerisms. Move through the car sales process at their pace, not yours. When you are like them there is an unspoken connection that helps you sell them a car.
  • Tip #4. A sense of Humor: Have a sense of humor with your customers. Try to see the funny side of things, be able to joke and be able to laugh at yourself. However, it doesn’t mean that you should tell your customer all the jokes you heard at the bar last night. Once again this also depends on your customer so use accordingly. This a great way to become a more likable car salesperson.
  • Tip #5. Be Understanding: Listen to your customers’ concerns: Try to understand where they are coming from. After all, they want the same that you want when you make a major purchase. They want to feel like they got a good deal. Tell them you understand, and you know what they mean. Treat them like you would a family member. Make them feel that you are looking out for their interests and concerns. Be a friend, earn their trust and you will be a likable car salesperson.

A Personal Tip to Be a Likable Car Salesman or Woman

I didn’t write this to offend anyone but rather to make them think about the subject. I have worked with people that have come to work looking like they slept in their clothes. There are others that smelled like they forgot to use deodorant for the past week or even longer. Then there are those that were well dressed and groomed, but constantly use way too much cologne or perfume. Plus let’s not forget about those smokers that smell like an ashtray and people that like garlic and peppers for lunch. All of these things can hurt your chances of being a likable car salesperson.

You are probably saying that is just common sense when you sell cars for a living. And you would be right, but they are plenty of people selling cars professionally that need to do a self-assessment. If you are a car sales professional and you are one of those people that fit into the group above you need to make some changes.

Pay attention to the way you look, how you smell and your breath. Ask a close friend or a family member to do give you an honest opinion of how you look and smell because your customers won’t. They will just find a reason to leave and buy their car somewhere else. I know this sounds petty but it might be what makes you or keeps you from being a likable car salesperson that is successful.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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