The Auto Sales Bird Dog

I am sure most of you reading this are familiar with the auto sales bird dog. Almost every dealership I have talked to has some bird bog program for bringing in new customers. This tool can help the car salesman when they put it to good use. You must incorporate this tool into your car sales follow-up and referral system.

Finer Points of the Bird Dog the Car Salesperson

When a past customer or an outsider brings a customer to the dealership and they buy a car, the person that brought them in or referred them gets paid an auto sales bird dog. This can be any pre-determined amount that is set up by dealership management. I have seen this amount be $50, $75, or $100. Typically it’s usually in the form of a check written to the person that referred the buyer. It’s a pretty good deal for the referrer. However, they will not bring a trusted friend or family member if they do not get a great deal and excellent service.Auto Sales Bird Dog Cash

Depending on the management of the dealership where you sell cars. Some of the cost of the auto sales bird dog is paid for by the car salesperson. Most dealerships require the salesman to pay half of the bird dog fee because it benefits the salesperson. There is a downside of the bird dog, That is if when you sell a car to a customer that came to you via a car sales bird dog and the sale was a “Mini” that paid you $100, and the referrer gets $75; your commission is reduced by $37.50. So instead of $100 for the sale, you only get $62.50.

Auto Sales Bird Dog Benefits

You need to look at the positive side of the auto sales bird dog. Ask yourself if you would have sold that car without the referral fee. Whether you would have it or not is not essential. You need to think about it being one sale closer to a volume bonus and an opportunity to have made a bundle. I said it before, and I will say again that selling cars is all about the numbers. We take the good with the bad and the 4-pounders with the minis. If you fully utilize your dealership’s bird dog referral program, you may be able to add a couple of cars a month. Plus it will add to your bottom line and help you get a volume bonus.

The successful car salesman will use every available tool to sell cars, and a very powerful tool is an auto sales bird dog referral program. When you can offer an extra $50 or $100 to a past customer to bring you a customer, you can substantially increase your referrals and deals. Most car salespeople rarely use the dealer’s bird dog program. Because they only look at the 50% they have to pay rather than focus on the potential to earn them more opportunities, sales, and a volume bonus.

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