Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well would you buy a car from you? Most car salesmen would say of course I would buy a car from myself, but maybe you should think about that for a minute. Most salespeople have a style that fits their personality, but the most successful car salesmen have a style that fits their customers. In other words are you selling a car the same to way to every person you encounter on the lot or in the showroom? Most average salespeople do and this might be limiting your success and ultimately your salary.

Would you buy a car from you, would they?

Major Purchases vs. Buying a Car

When you think about making any major purchase whether it be furniture, appliances or anything that involves working directly with a salesperson to complete the transaction there are other factors that come into play. For example: if your salesperson doesn’t have a clue when it comes to product knowledge and the purchase process you would start wondering if making this purchase is a good idea.

What if the salesperson had to check with their manager over and over in order to answer your questions? What if they didn’t know anything about the item you were planning to purchase? What if they wanted to check your credit before you made a decision to buy? What if they were pressuring you to buy despite your concerns and questions?

However, if the price was fantastic and you felt like you were getting an incredible deal you might overlook all those other things and go ahead and make the purchase despite the lack of professionalism. Besides you know you wanted it and you had a good idea how much you were going to spend and it seemed like a good deal so you go ahead and make the deal or you ask for their business card, walk away and tell them that you will be back.

Buying Cars and the Car Salesman

Now lets take the above example and apply it to working with a car salesman and buying a car. I don’t have to spell it out for you do I? If you were a professional car salesman (the customer) and working with the appliance or furniture salesman in that example above what would you do? The car salesman and/or car saleswoman at the car dealership influences prospective car buyers when they go to purchase a car.

The numbers tell us that 64% (according to JD. Power) of all car buyers are influenced by their salesperson when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy. That’s a pretty big number and the way I see it based on my experience only 36% are either strictly concerned with price or they walk away and promise to be back. If that’s really the case you should be closing 64% percent of your customers. Some could argue or debate my reasoning here, but there are many top car salesmen that consistently close over 60% of their customers.

Would You Buy a Car From Those Car Salesmen?

Those car salesmen and car saleswomen have a style all their own that changes to fit the customer that’s standing in front of them at the time. The way they talk, the way they use their body language and the way they present the vehicle and the numbers is different every single time. They don’t sell a car the car the way they want to buy. They sell a car the way that their customer wants to buy, which can be as different as night and day from customer to customer.

I see it everyday, an average or below average car salesman is working with a customer. They are having a hard time relating to each other and if the sales manager can take over in time there might be a chance to make a sale, but the customer is fried and ready to leave. Sometimes the sales manager or second salesman can turn things around, but more often than not the only option for making a sale is to give away the car. Now you have a customer that probably wont give a very good new car survey to the manufacturer and the salesman’s commission is a “mini”.

Sure the dealership moved another unit, but the only person that really wins is the customer. Will they be back for service or their next car? Probably not since their car buying experience was less than fantastic. Will they send the salesman a referral? Probably not, why would they?

Make Sure That You Would Buy a Car From You

Stop selling cars the way that you like to make major purchases because you’re not the buyer. You are the seller and if you want to sell more cars and make more commission you need to understand that you are not the ideal customer. You may only represent a small percentage of the types of customers you see every month. There are so many other types of car buyers that will only buy when the car salesman influences them or when the price is so good that they go ahead and buy anyway. However this is when you get paid a “Mini” instead of a nice big commission.

Stop throwing away your commissions and learn to understand, relate, empathize and build value with every single customer you see. This comes naturally to some car salesmen and others learn it by working with customers and analyzing every encounter they have with potential customers. You can sell more cars, make more money and become a top car salesman if you do the work. Car buyers just want to feel like they are getting a good deal from the right car salesman at the right dealership. Do that and even you would buy a car from you.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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