There are many car dealerships that use a car sales script as part of their training for a new car salesman or car saleswoman. However most sales people are not too crazy about having to memorize auto selling scripts, but there really is some merit to knowing them verbatim. I am not a fan of memorizing the common auto sales scripts and using them word for word to sell cars, but they can be a valuable resource for the good car salesman.

It think we can all agree that there is nothing cheesier than a car salesman reciting a car sales script to a customer verbatim. It sounds unnatural as if they were reading from a piece of paper and it’s a great way to turn off a car buyer. But when you go through the process of learning and memorizing the scripts they will become a part of you.

Dealership management expects their sales people to use their car sales scripts and that is great for the first week or two. After that you better know them well enough that you can use bits and pieces of them while also using your own personality. It is important that you don’t sound like you are spewing some canned speech to each and every customer.

When it comes right down to it, people buy from people and when you use a car sales script word for word you sound like a robot rather than a person. You don’t need to make a new sales script for your personality, but you do need to be able to think on your feet and have an answer of some kind for every situation and question even if it is that you will find out for them.

You can start with car sales scripts at first to help you learn one way to communicate with car buyers, but change it up as soon as you feel comfortable. If you get in a bind you will always have the script you memorized when you started.

The successful car salesman knows that one or two sales scripts can’t even come close to the verbal skills of an experienced car sales person that can think on their feet. The true value of any car sales script is that it provides you a base or launching point so you can learn to tailor you communications for every situation of overcoming objections because every deal and every customer is different.

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