When we are dealing with a car buyer we will use all of the car sales techniques we can think of to make a deal. Most of us will stop at nothing to close the sale. However when I take a minute and think about it what is a technique? The dictionary says a technique is “the body of specialized procedures, skills and methods used in any specific field”.

The When and Where of Car Sales Techniques

Well if that is the case, then everything we do and say are car selling techniques. That’s right, it starts with the Meet and Greet, moves to the car sales closes, car sales overcoming objections and hopefully ends with the delivery. When it comes down to it, every step of the sale and every part of our selling system is a a car sales procedure.

Car Salesman Tecniques and Selling cars

So when we talk about car sales techniques what we are really talking about is how we execute the steps of the sale and succeed in overcoming objections. No matter what system your dealership uses (they are all basically the same) the secret to being a successful car salesman is not in the system, but rather in how you perform each of these steps. Simply knowing the process and moving the potential car buyer through each of these steps is not enough. Sales tips can help, but anybody can learn the system and I am sure we have all seen proof of that by seeing the coming and going of sales people.

History of Car Salesman Tips and Techniques

I think we can all agree that there is big money to be made in the business of selling cars both for the salesman and the dealers. Because of the huge potential income of selling vehicles to the public the auto business has had many years to fine tune, improve and perfect a selling system that works. The car sales techniques or sales system that we use everyday is more than likely the result of years of development. The auto sales techniques of yesterday have been refined, tested and improved. Until the car sales techniques that work are put into practice and for the most part they are fairly reliable. However there isn’t one method that works on all customers.

With that fact in mind it all comes down to how you perform and execute every single step of the sale as you were in taught in your car sales training. The system is broken down into 7, 8 or 10 steps and designed to start with the Meet and Greet and prepare your customer for the next step. Each one is a car sales technique which builds and creates the proper frame of mind for the customer and hopefully puts them under the ether.

For example; if you do a poor Meet and Greet it usually leads to a less than great rapport building session and an even worse walk-around. But if you start out with a GREAT Meet and Greet the next steps usually follow suit until you sell them a car. We have all had both of these experiences when working with customers.

Car Sales Techniques That Work

To be a better car car salesman you will want to fine tune and improve your car sales methods and salesman skills. Start by taking the steps to the sale one by one and examine how you perform each of these steps. After each Up or sale try to recall every thing you did and said. Try to remember your facial expressions, body language and your reactions to your customers statements. Adjust the way you interact with your customer and experiment with different words, expressions, reactions and body language until you have the best outcome. This will help you learn what works best for you and your customer. Even the best closing technique car sales won’t do the trick for every single prospective car buyer. Car sales techniques are not set in stone they need need to fit the customer, the salesman and the situation.

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