The average customer that walks into your showroom only visits a car dealership every few years and a buying a car can be a very big financial decision for that customer. One of the most common mistakes that salespeople make is to overwhelm the car buyer with their car salesman information. Obviously every customer is different, but having to digest all the choices and options that are available to them can cause them to back off. Provide them with too many facts, choices and material and they might start thinking that they need to take all this newfound knowledge and go home and think about their purchase.

Overwhelming the Car Buyer

Just because you have done a great job of learning all of this product knowledge doesn’t mean you have to use it on every customer. I have seen many a salesman take a customer that was ready to buy an automobile and turn them into a be back in no time. They have either provided so much car salesman information that they started to question their purchase or they have bored them to death with details that they care nothing about until they ask for your business card.

Careful Not To Overwhelm the Car Buyer

You are not going to get paid a car sales commission for providing information. Sometimes in an effort to sell a vehicle we get caught up in trying to give them all the information and the buyer gets overwhelmed. Pay close attention to your buyer. Use the information that you gathered and focus on providing the information that supports their concerns and interests. Not every customer is interested in a detailed explanation of vehicle stability control or how a baby seat gets secured in the vehicle.

Filter the car salesman information you provide by tailoring your test drive, demonstration and walk around to your customer. A Use their wants and needs to help you sell the car by putting them in a positive light. You don’t need to show them every option or every single configuration that is available. You only need to educate them on what is going to reinforce their decision to buy a new automobile.

They have already thought about buying a car before they came to your lot and they probably have a good idea how much they can spend. They say that nearly 90% of the buyers have spent some time on the Internet looking at cars and prices before they step foot in a dealership. You stand a much better chance of making a sale when you follow their lead and listen closely for their Hot Buttons.

Everybody would like to have leather seats; navigation and a top of the line sound system, but when it comes time to work out the numbers and close the sale you are going to have to scrape them off the ceiling. Don’t talk to them about the V-6 when the 4 cylinder will be fine, don’t talk about a sunroof when they have no use for one and don’t test drive the Limited model when the base model is what they were thinking about. The price and/or payments are going to kill the deal buy overwhelming them.

Stop giving them too much car salesman information when it doesn’t support what they need to make the decision to buy a car. As we know from our car sales training product knowledge is important, but too much can send them back home to think about their purchase rather than drive it home NOW!

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