The words we use as a car salesman or car saleswoman need to be chosen carefully because we all know that one wrong word and we are done. The customer will make some excuse or ask for your card, and away they go. So, being able to think on your feet and use the right choice of words is critical. When we started in the car business, we all needed to adjust our thinking and learn to use those car salesman words that paint a picture in our customers’ minds but keep from making a solid commitment.


car salesman words

We use words and phrases like practically, nearly, on top of a deal, very close, almost there, only a couple of dollars away, if I could, would you, and dozens or even hundreds more. The idea is to get our car buyers to believe that there is hope for them and to keep them on track. When we speak succinctly, we run the chance of losing them.

When you get that customer that is trying to choose a vehicle, and they ask if they can get that car for $300 a month, and we know that it will be closer to $400 a month, the first thing we say is that we could probably get close. Most people’s way of thinking would be to say no, but we know that if we could get them to put down more money and stretch out the payments for another year or two, we could get close. So we are not lying because there are many variables and we know that if most people want to pay $300 a month, we could probably get them to pay more. With the proper car salesman’s words, almost everybody will accept a bump when you get them in the right car and get their emotions involved in decision-making process.

Start paying close attention to the words you use when you are working with a buyer. Are you keeping them engaged and positive or are you giving the cold hard facts? Cold hard facts will give you a bunch of “Be Backs” and positive and engaging car salesman words will keep their mind focused on getting a new car and get you a car salesman commission.

The car salesman words that we use from the minute they step onto our lot can make or break a deal. When we are enthusiastic, upbeat and positive it becomes contagious and when we talk like an accountant or lawyer we won’t sell squat. Start with your meet and greet and build from there with positive statements and words of encouragement that will engage their senses. Don’t overdue the enthusiasm because that can easily turn them off, but start with statements and words that make them feel that you can do what they want without committing to their requests. From there you can build excitement and the desire that will sell you a car.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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