Let’s face facts here, not every customer will believe what their car salesman has to say. If fact most people are very skeptical about what we tell them until we earn their trust and even then they only believe part of what we say. So if you want to close more sales and sell more cars you need to bring in some third party proof. I will be the first to admit that I want to get the deal closed as quickly as possible, but sometimes you just have put in the time with the customer before you make any headway.

Close More SalesIf you go for the hard close too quick it can be like shooting yourself in the foot and then there are some customers that will burn up your whole day and still not make a commitment. One the best ways to close more sales is to make use of third party information which is one of the easiest car sales tips for earning more commission. The customer may only believe part of what you say, but when you introduce outside information from a neutral third party it can make a big difference and add to your credibility as a car salesman.

The type of information can be any number of different things from all kinds of sources. It could be a short article in a magazine or online about the car you are selling or it could be a review or two on the dealership that mention your name. The information that could be used to close more sales is practically endless. People will believe a third party before they believe you because they know that you want to sell them a car, but if you can provide or show them something from an outside source that talks about you and/or your product is a positive way you will be that much closer to closing the deal.

Close More Sales Information

Make it a point to gather all types information about your product, your dealership and yourself that is favorable and will help you close more sales. Get on the computer and go to the any one of the automotive websites that reviews cars and you will find something that makes your product the obvious choice. Print out these articles or blog posts and make copies that you can hand to your customers when the time is right. I don’t care what brand you sell or what model you are showing to your customer you can find positive reviews.Types of Close More Sales Information

A few great sources of third party information to close more sales is Dealer Rater, Edmund’s, Yelp, Yahoo Local or Google Places. Print of reviews of happy customers that not only show the great review, but also show where the review is posted so that the information is credible in the eyes of the customer. Granted every dealer gets a bad review now and then, but for the most part dealers have more happy customers than they happy unhappy ones. Print out the good reviews and especially the ones that mention you to help you close more sales. Pick-up a copy of Consumer Reports that shows your product in a favorable light and show customers why they should buy from you and your dealership and you will find that you will be closing more sales and that is what being a car salesman is all about.

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