There is something that I’ve been noticing in my travels lately and that is customers not knowing the name of their car salesman. It just boggles my mind that a customer cannot remember the name of their car salesman after they spent several hours with them and spent many thousands of dollars with them. Either the world has completely lost her memory or there are car salesmen that are not making a very good impression in the mind of their customer.

name of your car salesman

I can’t even imagine spending that much time with a customer and the next day or next week or even a month later and they cannot remember the name of their car salesman. I have listened to several incoming phone calls at more than one dealership where customers have called in for information, paperwork or their garage door opener. When the person answering the phone asks them the name of their car salesman they don’t know. They start guessing or describing what they looked like, but they can’t remember their name.

Just to make it clear this happened at more than one dealership and with several different sales people. There wasn’t any particular salesperson that stood out, but then again not every car buyer calls into the dealership after they purchase a vehicle. My first thought was to do a little more checking on these particular customers and see whether these were “get-me-done” customers, repeat or first-time customers. I am sad to say that it’s not uncommon for car salesmen to neglect those customers that can’t buy because of credit or “get-me-done” buyers.

Do You Know the Name of Your Car Salesman?

However these customers were not “get-me-done” customers, they were both previous and new customers of new and used cars. The kind of car buying customers that can send you referrals, come back and buy again and answer CSI surveys. These are the kind of customers that you want again and again. Unfortunately, they won’t be coming back and looking for you and they went send people they know to buy a car from you because “THEY CANT REMEMBER YOUR NAME”.

Not only is this a poor business practice but also it is absolutely embarrassing to the profession. The fact that a customer cannot remember the name of their car salesman is just sad. The image of the Car Salesman already makes this profession harder than it needs to be. But when a car salesperson sells a car to a customer they should have a memorable and professional experience that makes them want to tell everyone they know your name.

That is how you make the business of selling cars a high paid profession. Referrals and repeat buyers typically bring higher commissions and more referrals and repeat customers. Remember this is your business, you control the income and you grow the business or let it shrink, either way, it is your choice. Make sure they know the name of their car salesman and it will come back to you over and over.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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