Quit your whining and complaining about having to work on the day after Thanksgiving. When it seems like most of the world has the day off it may be hard to get up and go to work because you ate too much and drank too much and did much of nothing, but this is the car business. Get up and get going, walk it off, let’s move some metal and make some money.

Black Friday is a big day when it comes to selling cars. What else would you do on Black Friday, go to the Wal-Mart at 5:00 AM to fight the crowd and buy something that will be gone when you get there? Think about it for a minute, wouldn’t you rather be selling cars and making money on one of the best days of the year for selling cars? You have to get it while the getting is good!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday - Good Day for Selling Cars

Black Friday – A Good Day to Be a Car Salesman

The day before Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Saturday are traditionally great days for being a car salesperson. The day before Thanksgiving can be good so the buyer can drive their new car to dinner and show it off to friends and family. (Hey, that might be a good trial close.) Friday and Saturday are good, but not because of the great Christmas shopping deals, but because both of the decision makers in a household are off of work. That means they can both come down to the dealership rather than putting off their purchase until their spouse is available. Whether you are a floor salesperson or an Internet sales Manager you would be wise to set as many appointments for the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving as you can because chances are you will have a better closing rate than you would the rest of they year.

Think about this way, you might be able to make a couple of thousand dollars in commission on Black Friday and Saturday. It’s not out of the question and as matter of fact it’s more common than you think. Nobody likes working holidays, but when you think about the car salesman income potential on these days you won’t mind nearly as much.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Make the most of the time with your family and friends on this holiday, because we have cars to sell and money to make on Black Friday and Saturday.

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