Ask most people if they would trust a car salesman and you know you will get a big fat NO. Unfortunately most car buyers don’t trust sales people and even fewer trust car salesmen. However it’s our job to get the car buyer to trust us at least enough to buy a car from us.

Every once in a while we get one of those customers that hangs on our every word and all we have to do is say trust me. You can typically make a very nice commission with those customers, but these customers are very rare.

In fact there are some salespeople that have never had that type of customer. I don’t know if it’s just their bad luck or they just come off as someone that shouldn’t be trusted. Hang in there long enough and you will get one of those every now and then that will trust a car salesman.

trust a car salesman

With most customers we need to earn their trust. Simply saying, “trust me” or “I wouldn’t lie” or “you can believe me” isn’t enough to get the job done. In fact these lines will often raise a red flag in the customers eyes.

The quickest way to earn the trust of your customer is to genuinely care about their wants, needs and concerns. When you put them first they will pick up on your intentions. They will feel it, they will begin to trust you. But that doesn’t mean that they will do whatever you recommend and that they can trust a car salesman.

They still know that you want to sell them a car and make a commission. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is the only way to earn trust, but it does work for some people. However these aren’t necessarily the top salespeople in the dealership.

Help Your Customer Trust a Car Salesman

  • Pay Attention – This is very simple method for earning trust. Is your customer comfortable? Are they interested? Are they paying attention or are you boring them to death. What about anyone that is with them, kids, spouse, friends or family and are they comfortable? Follow their lead; make this a simple process for them. Make it fun and easy. When you pay attention you show them that you care and you will start earning their trust and that they can trust a car salesman.
  • Listening – Many sales consultants have a hard time with this one. When I say listening I mean really listening. If you listen closely they will tell you how to sell them a car. Sometimes it’s more than what they say. You need to listen closely and read between the lines. They might not tell you directly what you need to do, but they will tell you. This tip works closely with “Asking Questions”.
  • Demonstration – When I say demonstration I mean get the customer involved. Have them do it, try it, feel it and experience it. They need to be involved. This is about more than the Test Drive. You want them to experience the vehicle and as many ways as possible. Remember the old saying, “Feel of the Wheel Seals the Deal” there is truth to that saying. You want them to be able picture the vehicle in their garage or driveway. You want them to take ownership in their mind, which is the first step to closing the sale.
  • Look Them in the Eye – This is a must, if you can’t look them in the eye when you are talking to them you will lose or never earn their trust. It’s absolutely imperative that you look them in the eye when you speak to them. (Not in a creepy way) Most people feel that if you can’t look them in the eye when you speak that you are lying. So look them square in the eye when you speak and let them the feel that they can trust a car salesman.
  • Asking Questions – Asking questions is one of the ways to get your customer to open up and let down their guard. This is how you discover what is important to them, what makes them tick and how to sell them a car, but remember to listen closely. However don’t fire one question after another at them like an FBI interrogator or will shut them down. Ask and listen, be understanding and if something is not clear ask them about their answers. Take your time, ask a question, listen discover and move ahead at their pace not yours which will let them start to trust a car salesman.
  • Answering Questions – They want answers and they expect you to give them those answers. If you don’t know the answer tell them you don’t know and that you will find the answer for them. I have seen too many car salesmen avoid questions, ignore questions or guess at the answer only to lose any trust they may have earn thus far. Often times car buyers will ask you questions even though they know the answer as a test to see if you can be trusted. Even if you have to answer a question that you think will upset them you need to look straight in the eye and give them the answer and an explanation. When you are straight with them and explain why they will usually understand.
  • Share a Story – I don’t mean “Once Upon a Time” I am talking about an actual experience that you or a customer has had. Share a short story that demonstrates the value of working with you, why they should trust a car salesman, your dealership and your product. Don’t be making up a bunch of BS to sound like you know what you are doing. Only share stories that are true and factual even if involves another sales consultant as long as it includes the product you selling and the dealership.
  • Use Third Party Info – This is one of the greatest tools you have when it comes to selling cars and building customer trust. All manufacturers provide brochures, spec sheets and competitive comparisons for you to use. When you say something and you can back it up with manufacturer printed material you are golden. Or if you can find something on a website you are really going to make points with your customer which is followed by trust.

Earning the trust of your customer is important when it comes to selling cars for a living. Some sales consultants are very good at earning the trust of their customers and others need to work at it and practice. Use the above guidelines and your customers begin to trust a car salesman. Ultimately that means that you will sell more cars and make more commission.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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