No matter what the situation, two people meet and one gets sold. If one gets sold that means the other one is buying instead of selling. So are you buying or selling when you talk to your customers? Are you a believable car salesman or someone spewing out a monotone script or word track that you were taught in your car sales training? Do you speak with authority and conviction; are you enthusiastic, positive and engaging? If not then you need to be happy with the amount of money you are making selling cars. Change your ways or get out of the car business.

Believable Car SalesmanI often talk about all the little things that make the difference when it comes to selling cars, but by far the most important thing to being a successful car salesman is your attitude. I am sure you are tired of hearing about your attitude, but that is the single most important thing to being a car salesman that makes the big bucks. Like it or not, agree with me or not attitude is the difference between success and mediocrity. I have done it, lived it, seen it and taught it first hand and this is the big difference when it comes to successfully selling cars for a living.

Think about it for a minute…when are you the most powerful, convincing, believable and successful when it comes to closing deals and selling cars? The answer is right after you sell one car and you take your next customer. And you are even stronger and more powerful after you just sold two cars back to back. You are unstoppable and your next customer doesn’t have a chance to do anything, but buy a car from you. You are a powerhouse and there is no stopping you. You are a Car Sales Professional!

You are not a different person when you take that next customer after a sale or two sales. You are the same person, but you have changed in a matter of speaking. You are more confident, pumped and ready to kick butt. You are more positive, more enthusiastic and ready to sell more cars. Your attitude has changed which is the point I am trying to make here. I talked about it in the post Car Salesman Drug.

A Believable Car Salesman

If you have been selling cars for a period time you know what I am talking about. Now all you have to do is recreate that with every customer you talk to about buying a car. Become an actor if that’s what it takes and fake it until you make it part of your routine. Practice it and live it until you are the car salesman that people want to buy cars from. Learn how to flip your switch and become what your customer wants you to be in order to close the sale and move some metal. Become the most believable car salesman you can be. Put on the costume, play the part and be the ONE that sell more cars, makes more money and continually tops the board for the most sales and gross month in and month out.

If you are waiting for more traffic or a better quality of car buyers to walk through the door you will be waiting forever, but if you change your attitude and become more authoritative and believable you can change your car salesman income for the better. You don’t need more customers; you need to sell more people on why they should buy a car from you and your dealership rather than your competitor. Don’t let the thought enter their mind and wonder if they can get a better deal down the street or across town. SELL THEM; don’t wait for them to buy!

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