We all know it’s important to break the ice with the customer to get them to open up and start talking. Some people are easier than others to get talking and sometimes you can break the ice with some cheesy car salesman. I know we’re all car sales professionals here and our image is already less than desirable, but have a little fun with your customer and try a couple cheesy car salesman lines to get them to crack a smile and break the ice. This is the kind of car salesman tip that can help you increase your sales and commissions.

Break the ice with some cheesy car salesman lines

Most people aren’t crazy about coming into the car dealership because they feel out of their element or intimidated, but adding a little cheesy car salesman at just the right time and in small doses can do wonders to get things started. You don’t need to be a comedian or have a funny personality in order to get to them loosen up, just be yourself and try some of these lines to help you break down the barriers that customers put up when visit the car dealership.

Cheesy Car Salesman Lines and Situations

Obviously when you do your meet and greet you will exchange names and pleasantries. Then based on the customer you can add some of these cliques and one-liners.

Example: Husband and Wife Customers – I thought you brought your daughter here to help her buy a car!

Example: Mother and Daughter – I can see you brought your sister with you to help you buy a car! (Father and son too)

Example: Test Drive or Walk-Around – That car looks good on you, like a new suit!

Example: You look like you are on your way to gym when you are driving this car, you must workout right?

Example: You look taller in this car!

Example: You look younger when you are sitting the drivers’ seat!

Example: This is one of our most popular cars with the younger guys (or girls)!

Example: This car is a popular choice of single guys or girls!

I think you get the idea; the statements are over the top and cheesy. It’s clear that you are making a joke, as long you know you are dealing with a husband and wife or mother and daughter etc…

Selling cars is about people selling people and if you want to be a successful car salesman you need to break the ice and find ways to get them talking, laughing and enjoying the car buying process. Make their visit pleasant and enjoyable because they don’t have to buy from you. They can go down the street or on the other side of town and buy their next car. When they have a positive car buying experience they will tell their friends, coworkers and everybody else to come and see you when they need a car. Not to mention the repeat business you will receive down the road.

Warning: A little cheesy car salesman can go a long way so don’t overdo it, just a little is all you need to break the ice and sell more cars.

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MONSTAH · January 1 at 11:09 am

I agree if you can get a smile or get them laughing its a plus….I use the same lines over and over they get easier and smoother everytime…If I walk up on them looking at a car already I ask them what color bow do they want on it and are they buying it as a gift for somebody or is it themselves…

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